March 23, 2017

Killing Deer to Kill “Deer” Ticks

I was reading George Smith’s article about how the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) is making plans within their proposals to draft 15-year management plans for deer, to figure out how the state can manage a “socially acceptable” population of deer and at the same time mitigate the affects of Lyme disease, […]

It’s Like Confirming that Fire is Hot

*Editor’s Note* – Profound! That might be the one word to describe our tax dollars at work in what is being sold in the media as “confirmation” of the existence of deer ticks in places where deer live. “For the first time, researchers have confirmed the existence of deer ticks at nine national parks in […]

Researchers Warn of Continuing Lyme Disease Threat from Deer Ticks

“This time of year the deer ticks are much larger, and a lot of the public health messaging that comes out does concern deer ticks that are out in the summertime when they’re quite small,” Lubelczyk says. “The concern is that many people that might be finding larger ticks this time of year won’t realize […]