December 3, 2022

Price of Ammunition (Guns?) Coming Down?

According to this report, the price of ammunition is coming down as supply catches up with demand. However, I have my doubts as to how long this trend will last when considering events in this country and around the globe – especially a lawless, egotistical maniac residing in the White House.

As a matter of fact, I predict that after a short-lived price rollback, ammo prices will spike again as demand rises in response to Obama’s nutty actions.


Deer Herd Numbers Plummet Due to Demands for Ethanol

Kreil said more than 2 million acres of wildlife habitat has been converted to cropland in the past year due to higher commodity prices. Tree buffers known as shelter belts also are being removed at an “unprecedented” pace, especially in the eastern two-thirds of the state, he said.

“It’s being done for additional farmland and the easier movement of farm equipment,” Kreil said.<<<Read More>>>