October 1, 2022

Maine IFW’s “New Communication” Void of All Things, Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

The other day I was highly critical of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s (MDIFW) new approach to “getting their message out” by hiring a professional actor to make “funny videos” to “educate” people about “hiking preparedness, birding and invasive species.

It appears more and more likely that my critique of what appears to be an outward (as opposed to covert) new direction for MDIFW is accurate. In my article I wrote: “It appears to me that the message MDIFW wants to get out is void of deer and moose studies, or anything to do with hunting, trapping or fishing…”

If you haven’t been to MDIFW’s new website, maybe you are unaware that the site is, for all intent and purposes, void of anything to do with hunting, trapping and fishing, other than some generic species information – and, of course, where you can buy a license.

I understand a little bit about websites and website development as I’ve done some of that over the years. Perhaps MDIFW has released their new website a bit prematurely in hopes of tying in all their previous pages of information in time. Or then again, maybe not.

I did my share of bitching and complaining to MDIFW because it took nearly a year for them to get some of their game harvest data reports published Online. It appears that the “new direction” and in MDIFW’s effort to better communicate with the public, they have solved the relentless problem of publishing harvest data for deer, moose, bear, and turkeys. To solve that problem, they’ve simply scrubbed all those pages from the website.

So, if you are interested to get some information about harvest data, like comparing one year to the next, etc. you’ll have to rely on making a phone call and or trying your luck at sending an email. Just for your information, emails will often never get answered….depending, of course, on who you are and what history you might have, good or bad, with the department.

Phone calls might give you some answers but should someone, like me, decide to quote something said in a conversation, it only becomes a matter of “he-said, she-said.” There is no paper trail. I like paper trails. It creates honesty.

In the past 15 years or so, I have amassed quite a collection of web page links to data and information from the MDIFW, that I use in my research, studies and writings. In going down the list this morning, it appears none of the links are any longer operable. And this presents another entire set of difficulties for my readers and I’m sure other media outlets, who, over the years, have published countless articles with links to MDIFW website information. I know I have done that for years. It’s the only way to provide interested readers with credible information. This kind of education is critical to the future of hunting, trapping and fishing. With this information now, effectively censored, MDIFW can go about their business better hidden behind a shield that prevents openness and accountability. Fascism always leads to communism.

It appears that now, unless I see changes forthcoming from MDIFW and their “environmentalist-friendly” website about, “hiking preparedness, birding and invasive species,” and let’s not forget “funny” videos (I want to be a rock star), I will seriously consider if I want to continue buying a license in Maine for hunting and fishing, or any other expenditures that prop up environmentalism and animal rights. If my license fees are going to support this obvious communistic, totalitarian regime of environmentalism, I’m sure I do not want to be a part of that. There are many other places to hunt and fish….well, at least until they all have gone the way of animal rights and environmental perverted ways.

I have asked the question before – Does MDIFW have plans on how they intend to fund their fascist department after they have driven all the hunters, trappers and fishermen from the state? And let’s not forget the snowmobile riders and ATV riders. So long as Maine wants to promote national monuments and all other ways to shut down access to land, funding for MDIFW and the Maine Warden Service will dry up. Then what?

Having said all this, I will keep watch. Either MDIFW has hired a terrible web designer and all those pages of information, now missing, will slowly begin to reappear, or the intention is, in fact, to become like all the rest, catering to the perverted environmentalists. Soon MDIFW will be changing it’s name, once again, to Maine Department of Natural Resources (and piping plovers).

I’m tired and fed up listening to other “sportsmen” exclaim the tremendous work of MDIFW, when the result of that work is being revealed on a daily basis. Is this really what you want MDIFW to be? I hope not.

Added note: If you visit the MDIFW website, click on “Site Map” in the upper right hand corner. This can give you an overview of all pages available to readers. It becomes quite clear what the message is intended to be.


Is MDIFW Out Chasing Down Drug Dealers for the Governor?

One has to wonder what the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are up to these days. As we enter the 6th day of the 2016 bear hunt, MDIFW has yet to publish results of last year’s bear harvest. I wonder why not. Hiding something?

Oh, I know. They are “hoping” and “encouraging” somebody to get the job done. At this rate, harvest reports will be coming in one, two, three….years after the event. So why bother?



When Government Comes Up Against Itself

This is so precious! You may have to click the imagine to enlarge it.




Twisp, Washington: Wolf Attacks Local Pet Dogs

*Editor’s Note* Get an update on this information of the status of a bill being voted on that would allow better protection from attacking wolves.

Below is the copy of an email, with photos, I received yesterday with what is described as a true account of what took place in Twisp, Washington, when a wolf attacked two domestic dogs. Please take notice of the portion I highlighted that states that members of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) suggested this man couldn’t tell the difference between a wolf (dog) and a mountain lion (cat). It is this relentless put down by wildlife officials all across this country that gives them the terrible reputation they deserve. They treat the people who pay their salaries like a piece of ignorant trash while placing themselves on a pedestal above everyone else. If for no other reason than this, why don’t these fools just keep their mouths shut?

Here’s the email account:

Sunday morning, at approximately 1:00 AM, John Stevie was awakened by one of his dogs furiously barking and growling, while still inside the house, at their living room sliding glass deck doors. John hurried to the door and saw a very large wolf up on the ten-foot-high deck, savagely attacking his blue heeler dog. He opened the door in an attempt to rescue his dog, but his other dog pushed past him out to the attack. The wolf and dog fought out on the deck for a short time before the wolf lept off the deck and headed toward the creek bottom with John’s dog hot on his heels. The blue heeler, “Shelby” was taken to Daniel Deweert’s Valley Veterinary Clinic for treatment. “Shelby” is still in critical condition with deep puncture wounds to her head and neck..

WDFW was called. Mr. Stevie told them that he was within two feet of the wolf in an attempt to save his dog, but WDFW suggested “perhaps it was a cougar instead of a wolf!” Mr. Stevie assured them that he was within very close proximity to the wolf, and that he had numerous wolf sightings close to his home and knew a wolf when he saw one. John asked WDFW if they would be paying any of the vet bills, their reply was, “We will have to send this information to Olympia to see if it will be called a wolf attack or not.”