March 25, 2017

Minnesota Wolves: No Kudos from Here

The following article from a Northern Minnesota newspaper describes a 40-year US Fish and Wildlife Service (retired) Wolf Biologist admitting that wolves in Minnesota have indeed decimated the Minnesota moose population and that, undoubtedly, any attempt to increase moose numbers in Minnesota would be akin to introducing impalas into a lion cage at the zoo. […]

Wolf Management(?) Nonsense

In this short article sent to me out of Wisconsin, little in it makes sense. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has decided, per recommendation from some Wolf Advisory Committee, to reduce the number of permits that will be available for the upcoming fall wolf hunt. Why? “the proposed harvest aims to reduce the state’s […]

Michigan Declares Farmed Pigs “Invasive Species”. Man Forced to Shoot All His Pigs

In a story one might expect to read in Nazi Germany or Stalin-ruled Russia, a Michigan farmer who raises pigs for a living, was forced to either shoot all his pigs or be arrested. While the Michigan Department of Natural Resources used “a bizarre new “Invasive Species Order” (ISO) that has suddenly declared traditional livestock […]