November 26, 2022

Wolves Were Not Wiped Out During Salmon, Idaho Derby

It should come as no surprise to the informed, non-emotional, that holding a “predator derby”, aimed at killing coyotes and wolves, would produce zero dead wolves. I suppose I could say I told you so.

According to information provided by Steve Alder of Idaho for Wildlife, there were no wolves taken by derby participants this weekend and only 21 coyotes. Wolves and coyotes are still in high enough numbers to kill game animals, threaten livestock and threaten people.

Idiots can stop flogging themselves.

Below is a copy of a report I just received in my email.

ZERO wolves were harvested during this predator derby! 21 Coyotes were taken.

We had over 200 hunters in the field for two days. Let this be an educational moment for the radical anti-hunter environmental groups. Sport hunting for wolves is not a very effective tool to manage wolves. This is why IDFG has implemented trapping and other control methods to better manage wolves. World renowned wolf expert Dr. David Mech has admitted, “That to hold a wolf population stationary it requires an annual take of 28-50% per year.” Dr. Mech also stated that “Normal regulated public harvest such as is contemplated in the NRM is usually unable to reduce wolf populations. IDFG’s own 2011 Idaho IDFG Predation management Plan for the Lolo and Selway Elk Zones that isn’t being followed claims, “Wolf removal rates of 30-35% or less typically do not cause any long-term changes in wolf abundance, while sustained removals of 40% or more may cause long-term reductions.” I can assure you that in the last two days while this derby was taking place, more wolves and wolf pups died in Idaho’s back country due to starvation and or cannibalism from other wolves due to the depleted prey base. Since the well being of wolves is predicated on the ungulate prey base, once that prey base is eliminated, the wolves will kill themselves off or starve. They do not self regulate. The urbanites and wolf advocates need to understand the ungulate prey base controls wolves. Wolves do not control the prey. This is why wolves must be controlled and yes killed!

Attached are elk hunter harvest graphs in the vicinity of where the Salmon wolf derby took place. These graphs contain elk harvest numbers from 1989-2012. This data reveals why Salmon Sportsmen are frustrated with the damages caused by wolves. The average Salmon medium household income is approximately $12,000 below the average Idaho income. In 2009, the income of Salmon residents was 35.5% below the national poverty level.

Elk are very important to rural Idahoans. Sustenance hunting is still very crucial to those who are financially strapped. The Attached PDF, (Wolves) contains a 2009 study that suggests wolves are costing Idaho approximately 7-24 million per year in revenue. Idaho Fish and game revenues are down considerably for this reason. It is estimated that each elk provides an average of $750.00 in value to Idahoans.

We want to apologize in advance to the radical anti-hunting enviro’s. We will not be publishing or flaunting any photos of dead animals so you can exploit this opportunity to play upon the emotions of the naïve for your next fund raising campaign.

Best Regards,
Steve, Idaho for Wildlife