March 25, 2017

Create, Embellish, Offer Solution

If one was to consider the truth that, as referenced below, the “world dictatorship of the enlightened elite” causes and/or creates all the crises in the world. Once exposed and firmly labeled as a crisis, or terror attack, climate catastrophe, disease, epidemic, etc., the same group, i.e. the “world dictatorship of the enlightened elite,” embellishes […]

Argue the Premise

By James Beers: I am in agreement with those that say we are living in a “Dictatorship of Relativism”. Relativism refers to the lack of agreement in any one truth and the embrace of unlimited alternatives that conflict with each other in any and all matters of the day.  Consider all the deeply held and […]

Further Proof of the Totalitarian Dictatorship We Live In

Which will immediately be followed by responses of denial by the blinded masses! If you have signed up for an account with “My Social Security,” undoubtedly you received an email from the Social Security Administration informing you that you will no longer be allowed to access your account unless you provide them with a text-capable […]

Gun Laws: Creeping Toward Fascist Rule

President Barack H. Obama is presently meeting with his legal advisers to examine how he can “legally” erode the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, through Executive Action. Because of a listless society and a corrupt Congress, providing for presidents, current and past, to write laws via a method of bypassing Congress, we are […]

Kneel Before Zod: Hillary Promises Vast Expansion of Executive Power Once Elected

*Editor’s Note* – Americans should NOT believe for on instance that a republican or an “independent” president would do things differently. Dictatorship is here to stay. President Obama has so vastly expanded the size and scope of executive power that the legislative branch has become a vestigial organ of government: Obama can move on his […]

BLM Rescinds Idaho for Wildlife’s Predator Derby Permit – Fascism Rules

This should come as further substantiation that the country we live in is dictated by totalitarian environmentalists, who are doing exactly what the U.S. Government wants them to do. Actions like this, made to appear as though “Washington” forced BLM to rescind the permit, makes most believe there is innocents among the predator wolves of […]

Democracy: Surrendering One’s Own Conscience to Mob Rule

Oxford Professor Carroll Quigley also wrote about a dictatorship of “experts,” suggesting that a cognitive elite “will replace the democratic voter in control of the political system” (Quigley 866). Of just such a democracy of “experts,” H.G. Wells stated: The world’s political organization will be democratic, that is to say, the government and direction of […]

James Beers: Wolves – 2014

*Editor’s Note* – The below writing perhaps reflects the greatest knowledge and understanding of the effects of forcing wild wolves into human-settled landscapes. Such a writing should give readers the opportunity to fully grasp the entire scope of how romance animal fantasy should never mix with the scientific realities of protecting a dangerous-in-so-many-ways creature where […]