March 23, 2017

Subway Chicken Ain’t But Half Chicken

LOS ANGELES ( — If you think that chicken sandwich you ordered at Subway did not fully taste like fowl, you may have been right. According to a Canadian study, a DNA test showed only half of Subway’s oven-roasted patty is made with real chicken. Subway was among five fast-food restaurants whose chicken the Canadian Broadcast Corporation had […]

Federal Government’s Dietary Guidelines Should Not Be Distorted By Environmental Activism

Press Release from National Center for Public Policy Research: Climate Change Activists Have Been Pushing to Influence Report Out Today Dietary Guidelines Should Promote Health and Disease Risk Reduction, Not Focus on Promoting a Smaller Carbon Footprint in Food Production, Expert Says New York, NY/Washington DC – The Obama Administration’s Departments of Agriculture and Health […]

Hijacking Dietary Guidelines (of all things!) for Politicial Gains

USDA’s Switch From Science-Based Nutrition Advice to Green Agenda Harms Americans Health Policy Expert Warns Against Politicization of Diet Advice Issues Such as Climate Change Don’t Belong in Government Policymaking About Healthy Eating, Says Health Policy Expert Jeff Stier New York, NY/Washington DC – The naming of an “environmental nutritionist” to a top USDA nutrition […]

Don’t Go Insane – Eat Meat

“It’s no secret that many vegetarians are also radical environmentalists and climate alarmists who are obsessed and hysterical about the planet burning up. Perhaps the University of Graz in Austria has discovered one reason why: their “unhealthy” diet. A new University of Graz study concludes that vegetarians are more often ill and have a lower […]

Obama Says No More Eating Foods That Cause Global Warming

Obama Administration to Insert Global Warming Activism into Dietary Guidelines Mandated by Congress Climate Change Activists to Meet Food Police at Closed-Door Meeting March 14 New York, NY / Washington DC – At a closed-door meeting to take place March 14, the Obama Administration’s Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services plan to update […]