March 30, 2017

Disney’s Response to Fake News: Deny, Deny, Deny

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: National Center for Public Policy Research Takes President Trump’s Fight Against “Enemy of the People” Media to Disney Shareholder Meeting Disney CEO Robert Iger Claims ABC News “Extremely Fair” – Despite Wikileaks Exposure of Documents Showing Hillary Clinton Campaign Coordinated Coverage with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos […]

Liberals Attack Disney’s Free Speech and Freedom of Association

*Editor’s Note* – Open your eyes for a second to understand what is going on. This should further substantiate that we are living in a “Post-Normal” world, i.e. white is black, black is white, good is bad, bad is good, etc. “Liberals” are looking to censor and destroy rights. A liberal would not do that. […]

Sparks at Disney Shareholder Meeting Over ABC News Bias

Disney’s Robert Iger Denies ABC News is Biased at Disney Shareholder Meeting Tells National Center for Public Policy Research That Media Bias at ABC is “Very Very Rare” Also Denies That Former Clinton Administration Official and Clinton Foundation Donor George Stephanopoulos Has Bias in Covering Presidential Race In Other Meeting Business, Liberal Group’s Effort to […]

Free Market Leader Questions Walt Disney on Worker Freedoms

National Center for Public Policy Research Tells Disney CEO Bob Iger That Many Disney “Cast Members” Remain Subject to Potential Workplace Discrimination for Private Political and Civic Activities Iger Agrees to Personally Review Company Policies National Center for Public Policy Research’s Employee Conscience Protection Project Continues to Fight for Americans Who May Face Workplace Discipline […]

Disney’s Iger Calls ABC News “Fair and Balanced”

Disney Chief Robert Iger Calls ABC News “Fair and Balanced” In Response to Media Bias Question at Shareholder Meeting Today But that’s the Fox News Slogan….? Iger Declines to Apologize for ABC News’ Role in Empowering President Obama’s “If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep your Health Care Plan” Lie Portland, OR […]