January 27, 2023

Attention Readers!!!!!

For readers of this website, who wait to received email notifications from DISQUS with comments, please go to the article on the site (through the link provided) and read the article and the comments. Some of the greatest information is included in the comments section. DISQUS, whether deliberately or due to piss poor software, does not include many of the comments and all of the comments…probably on purpose to censor very important information.

Don’t cut yourself short by missing out on very valuable data.


Understanding Censorship of “DISQUS”

Most readers to this site and all sites that employ “DISQUS” as the tool for posting and being alerted for comments on written articles, don’t use the tool for leaving comments. However, many readers still choose to read the comments left by other readers. If you are one of those silent readers, are you aware that it appears that Disqus may be censoring some of those comments?

This censorship comes in the form of alerts that readers sign up for when and if they do decide to comment on any article on any website. When you do, Disqus takes it upon themselves to email you an alert if there are any further comments made to the same article…now and forever.

What you may not be aware of is that in that email alert, it appears Disqus intentionally leaves off some or a great deal of a person’s comment. What you read in the email alert is not necessarily the entire comment found on the website.

I’ve studied this for a very long time now and am convinced it may be an intentional thing so that those receiving the email alerts do not see the entire comment. It also appears that it may be that Disqus does not include certain subject matter in the email alert.

Of course this cannot be proven. It is only a suspicion on my part based on years of observation. Regardless, I would suggest that if you are interested in complete comments being posted that when you receive your email alert, you click on the “Respond” button at the end of the comment in the email. This will take you to the site and that particular comment. Once there, you will be able to see if there is additional information.

There have been times when I have discovered omitted from the email alert was more information than was found in the email, as well as discovering perhaps all or part of the last paragraph or sentence that changed the entire perceived context of the subject matter.


About Editing Your Comments in Disqus

Attention: I have discovered that it appears that some registered “Disqus” members are editing their comments after they have been posted under articles on this website. I cannot control most aspects of how Disqus is designed to work and it is the privilege of all Disqus members to be able to edit their own comments. Comments can never be deleted but they can be “anonymized”: meaning after the comment has been posted, the person making the comment can then choose to make the post “anonymous.” Once this is done, it cannot be changed back.

While it may be a privilege of a Disqus user to edit their own comments and anonymize their comments, that doesn’t mean that I have to tolerate it. For purposes of this website, i.e. tomremington.com, there are acceptable ways to edit a comment. Examples may be but not limited to: a misspelled word, punctuation, a missing word, etc.

It is typically considered proper etiquette on this website that should a commenter decide to edit their comment, other than simple things like adding a punctuation mark or correcting a misspelled word, to leave the original post as it first appeared, add the changes and make a note of the date the edit took place and why.

It appears to me that there are some who have chosen to edit the content of their comment in order to deliberately confuse the topic or make a person who responded to a comment look foolish. I can think of no other reason other than complete disrespect for themselves, the person they are attempting to embarrass and me, the owner and administer of this site.

Why are comments left untouched important? To better understand the importance of this request, consider that one of the biggest reasons I allow commenting on this website, is to educate and involve readers who wish to post their thoughts, information, etc. What some readers may not be aware of is that there are thousands of readers who visit this website on a daily basis. Sometimes those readers land on articles, with the comments, that were posted days, weeks, months or maybe years ago. The comments are an integral part of the entire post. When major edits are made to comments, it screws up and confuses the topic and flow of the conversation. This has to be considered by other readers as a negative thing and thus, drives them away to not return again and/or to opt out of reading through the comments. Again, from my perspective this comes across as an attempt to deliberately sabotage this website. I fail to come up with any other excusable reason.

If you are going back, sometimes to comments made a long time ago and editing your comments for sinister purposes (and that judgement is left up to me, the moderator/administer) it is just another form of “trolling” or “flaming” a website and it will not be tolerated by me. Please stop this immediately or when making those kinds of changes, at a minimum, leave the original post as it appeared, add the edited portion and date it with an explanation of why you chose to edit it.

If this sort of thing continues, nothing will be said by me and no warnings issued. You will simply be blacklisted and prohibited to further participate in commenting on this website.

If you have questions about this post, please leave them in the comment section below and I will address them there. That way everyone can read the questions and answers and I will avoid having to repeat myself in additional emails.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I attempt to run this website all by myself and as such have little time to commit to moderating the comment section. I don’t make enough money from this site and cannot afford to pay someone to be a moderator. Please respect my wishes, as is nearly always done and I appreciate that.