November 28, 2022

Fake Fox Freaks in Blather Over the Jesuit’s Witch

Now children! More theater for the brainless, I say. According to USA Today, Sean Hannity, the brainless parrot who is only capable of repeating the talking points “someone” has spoon fed him, thinks that Megyn Kelly, the once lowly Fox News anchor who had multiple orgasms while covering the Jesuit Pope’s inauguration, resulting in an elevation of position to Prime Time lying and dispensing of propaganda,  thinks the Jesuit’s Witch is in the tank for Hillary “Rottem-in-Hell” Clinton.

Well, she may be. Perhaps Kelly knows that Clinton has been fingered for the job of the next White House puppet (Was it the Pope’s decision, funneled down through the Council on Foreign Relations?), and Kelly needs a new job – Press Secretary, answering directly to the Pope (anti-christ?)<<<Read More Theater>>>


Shots Fired NEAR VP Biden’s Residence in Delaware

The agency said multiple shots were fired from a vehicle being driven on a public road outside the security perimeter of the Wilmington, Del.-area home.

Biden’s home is several hundred yards from the main road. On Sunday, authorities searched outside the Biden residence and nearby homes to determine if any rounds struck the home.<<<Read More>>>


The Truth About Obamacare (?)

For those interested, here’s a video with one person’s explanation of the “truth” about Obamacare. This video, like the days and days the CIA-owned and operated “media” has spent beating the drum about the failure of the Obamacare website, is just another in a long list of distractions. Why should anyone, including the so-called “journalists” in “media” think any government is capable of doing anything right? But that doesn’t matter now does it? While the majority of Americans are completely absorbed and distracted with the latest of smokescreens, none are aware of what is really going on that is furthering the destruction of America as it was once known: All by design by the way. Little did anyone know that Obama’s campaign rhetoric of “hope and change” meant what it did.