March 28, 2017

Does Crying Bear Shit in the Woods?

Or, if a bawl-baby cries in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it, or cares enough to listen, is he still a blooming idiot?

How To Catch…Worthlessness

Trump Boys Slay Extinct Triceratops

“This time, he went around his usual spot somewhere in San Diego and asked people their reactions to the news that Donald Trump’s sons posed in pictures with a slain triceratops that they had just killed in Africa. (Yes, the now-extinct dinosaur.) If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, for others, he’d ask the same thing except […]

Argue the Premise

By James Beers: I am in agreement with those that say we are living in a “Dictatorship of Relativism”. Relativism refers to the lack of agreement in any one truth and the embrace of unlimited alternatives that conflict with each other in any and all matters of the day.  Consider all the deeply held and […]

Get Out The Vote

The winner has already been decided. What’s underway is to distract the voters that will form “reasons” why the winner wins. That way few will or want to understand the system is rigged. BUT DON’T GO LOOK!

Hillary, Killary Crock

Hillary Clinton was sworn in today as President. She has disposed of Bill and is spending her first night alone in the White House. She has waited several years for this!! FIRST NIGHT Suddenly! The ghost of George Washington appears to her, and  Hillary says, “How can I best serve my country?” Washington says, “Never  tell a lie.” […]

Because Bernie Gives Away Free Stuff


Behold, He is in the Desert

*Editor’s Note* – Yes, they are ALL in it together. There is NO difference between a republican in Washington and a democrat in Washington. The question is, is Trump really an outsider? Trump is big banking, and yet, pundits are quick to point out that “NY bankers own both sides of the aisle.” Somehow Trump […]

Some Like It Hot

Pentagon warns that Isis has global aspirations as US continues Iraq strikes 

It’s a good thing America elected Barack Hussein Obama as president: Just think how bad foreign relations would have been without him showing us “tRUTH, jUSTICE, and the aMERICAN wAY.” In addition, why is this “alert” targeted at just Pentagon employees? Are we to keep our eye on Pentagon employees while they blow the rest […]