December 2, 2022

Disturbed New Jersey Woman Ruins a Good Bear Fight

This woman’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. I’ve seen videos of this completely brainwashed, propagandized product of Tavistock, challenge bears in her back yard that are directly threatening her. What this video doesn’t tell is the whole story. She feeds bears in her back yard. And while the bears are there (wink, wink! I think she thinks they are her children) she expects them to be on the best human behavior as possible. She is clueless about what wild animals do. These two bears are NOT fighting. They are posturing. Evidently this woman and everyone else who has labeled this bear encounter a bear fight might also think bears and humans are on equal emotional levels.

It is very possible that by her disrupting a very normal black bear behavior, she is turning the bears into a representation of herself, i.e. a mentally challenged member of her species and thus the black bear species. Retarded bears end up dead!

I wonder what God is saving her for.