June 4, 2023

In Response To Doctors Who Want To Ban Guns

This deep into the Information Age the government wields unimaginable power. The only thing that guarantees the freedom of future Americans is privately owned firearms. We have systematically deconstructed the family, men have forgotten how to be fathers, and we daily ogle murder, rape, and butchery thinking it entertainment. Is it really so surprising that our children shoot each other?

If saving lives really is the goal then meaningful social reform, not ineffective legislative placebos, is the answer. Do we care enough about children to admit that they need dads? Will easier access to marijuana really make things better? It will as per the result in many states selling Hemp flower products legally.

There is more public support for marijuana law reform than ever before with polls showing more than half the country is in favor of legalizing marijuana. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) believes marijuana should be removed from the criminal legal system and regulated for adult use, with equity, social justice, and community reinvestment at the core.

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Totalitarian Nurses Against Guns

Recently the State of Maine passed legislation that did away with the requirement of submission to the State and the payment of another tax in order to carry a concealed weapon. Mental midgets, programmed to live in fear, while controlling all others and stealing their right to choose, are in a state of panic telling others we are all going to die.

One such example of this can be found in a recent opinion piece found in the Bangor Daily News, written by three totalitarian nurses who believe it is their job and responsibility to force others to live the lifestyle they want and believing their murderous ways should go overlooked.

The nurses, as members of some nurses association, state what their totalitarian association advocates for you and I: “to participate in the development … [and] implementation of policies that protect patient health and safety … and establish a culture of safety.” Who died and left these idiots in charge? This is a clear example of power going to the heads of people who think it’s their right and duty to dictate to me their wants. What happened to the days when it was a nurse’s job to “nurse?” A nurse once was someone trained to care for the sick and infirm. Today, evidently that job is to intrude into the rights of human beings to live the way they choose, and that includes the right to self-protection.

The entire opinion piece is opinion, supported by fake statistics and data that is all nothing more than balderdash and biased, outcome-based studies containing lie after lie. However, I would like to point out one more thing that needs to be brought to light, although the majority of people will not agree with me.

The article states: “guns kill 30,000 people and injure 60,000 each year.” Perhaps the nurses should also include how many people they and their medical field kill each year due to malpractice and neglect, along with the slaughtering of people by administering chemicals and drugs designed to kill people.

According to information made available on NPR, the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, reports that as many as 180,000 people die each year at the hands of piss poor doctors and nurses. Shocking? That number is for MEDICARE PATIENTS ONLY! A more recent study by the Journal of Patient Safety says that number is more than likely around 210,000 to 440,000.

Perhaps these nurses should turn their attention toward improving their own profession. Certainly they kill far more people than any guns do, and all under the guise of “protect[ing] health and safety.” I still retain the right to tell the doctors and nurses to keep their murdering ways to themselves. I choose not to partake of their witchcraft and voodoo ways. At the same time I want to be able to choose how, when and where I can protect myself and my family when I FEEL THE NEED, not when some nurse deems it so while at the wheel of a murdering system called Health Care.


How to Get Doctors Back to Seeing Medicare Patients

If We Want Doctors to Return to Medicare, It Is Time to End The “Doc Fix”

Physicians Are Leaving Medicare in Part Because of the Uncertainty Created by the Regular Threat of Drastic Cuts to Medicare Physician Fees

Congress Always Suspends The Cuts and Will Do so Again This January – It’s Time to End This Fraud Permanently

Washington, DC – “Every one to two years, Medicare threatens to drastically cut what it pays physicians. This is a big factor in helping to drive doctors away from Medicare,” says Dr. David Hogberg, senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research

In an op-ed for the Washington Examiner published today, “To bring doctors back to Medicare, fix the ‘Doc Fix’,” Dr. Hogberg argues that it is time to end the physician cuts.

“The cuts are the result of a formula known as the Sustainable Growth Rate. When Medicare physicians fees exceed an expenditure target, the SGR is supposed to result in automatic, across-the-board cuts,” he explains. “But it’s a fraud. Congress is unwilling to make the cuts, so it routinely suspends the cuts and replaces them with a one to two percent increase in fees, a process known as the ‘Doc Fix.’

“Congress will be doing it again come January, when a 25 percent cut in Medicare physician fees is scheduled to take place,” he continued. “Congress will undoubtedly suspend it. But the problem is that this creates uncertainty among physicians. As a result, more and more physicians are limiting their exposure to Medicare.”

A 2010 American Medical Association survey found that over three-quarters of the physicians who limit the Medicare patients they see cited the “ongoing threat of future payment cut makes Medicare an unreliable payer” as a reason.(1)

The op-ed points to the example of Dr. John Slatosky, a primary care physician in rural North Carolina. In 2007 he stopped seeing new Medicare patients because he worried the government might suddenly and dramatically cut the amount it paid him to treat Medicare patients. It was a decision that bothered him greatly, as now their would be Medicare patients in his area who would have to look for a doctor elsewhere.

“But, in the end, it was better to have a physician here seeing some of the Medicare patients in the area than me losing my business and having no physician here at all,” said Dr. Slatosky.

In 2001, about 10 percent of physicians were no longer seeing new Medicare patients. Now it’s 17 percent.(2)

By 2030, the number of Medicare patients will increase 50 percent above present levels. We need more physicians taking Medicare patients, not fewer, notes Dr. Hogberg.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when doctors are forced to risk the financial health of their practices just to take on new Medicare patients,” said Dr. Hogberg. “Congress needs to stop the Doc Fix kabuki dance and enact a permanent repeal of the SGR.”

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