March 28, 2017

We Must Stop Protecting Snowflakes

I was reading this morning of how a Maine legislator had proposed a seat belt law for dogs in passenger cars. The snowflake who proposed the law said he did it at the request of a constituent and removed the proposal at the request of the constituent…WINK-WINK! Evidently there were two basic reasons for thinking […]

Wolf? Hybrid? Dog? Does Anybody Care?

I was sent a series of 7 photographs under the heading of “Swimming Wolf.” I will not show all 7 pictures. I will show two of the originals – a canine creature swimming a body of water, and the same canine after it got across to the land and was headed in a direction that […]

Doggie Hocus-Pocus: They Use Their Brains “Just Like Humans”

*Editor’s Note* – I picked the below “teaser” to prove just one point about the utter nonsense of what is written in the article linked to. First, tell me that a dog can be “trained” to lay in an MRI machine for 7 minutes, without moving, and listen to their “master” say words to them […]

Multilocus Detection of Wolf x Dog Hybridization in Italy, and Guidelines for Marker Selection

*Editor’s Note* – The following study should come as no surprise to those with knowledge and an honest approach to scientific wolf study. Hybridization between canine species is something that happens in nature, but is exceptionally enhanced by several events, one of which is, of course, human intervention and manipulation. Wolves with the least amount of […]

Thoughts on the Eastern Coyote/Wolf/Dog/Hybrid Mongrel

“Because venison accounts for one third of their diet, coyotes may have replaced automobiles as the principle deer predator in the Northeast.” “…the ancestry of the average eastern coyote is 64% western coyote, 26% wolf, and 10% dog.” “North America supports two species of gray wolf, a western and an eastern species, and that a […]

Why is Maine Reporting Higher Number of Animal Rabies Cases?

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, the increase in the number of reported cases of rabies found in animals: “Generally, we see more cases in springs after mild winters,” is what the article says a wildlife biologist with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) says. But with no explanation […]

Farmer: Coyote attack kills five steers near Birnamwood 

*Editor’s Comment* – A common expression many of us often hear when we are relaying stupidity: “You can’t make this stuff up.” I used to believe that but no longer. It is “made up,” in one sense of its meaning. The stupidity, actually ignorance, is made up. It’s created by man and promoted by man […]

Dogs as Sources and Sentinels of Parasites in Humans and Wildlife, Northern Canada

ABSTRACT A minimum of 11 genera of parasites, including 7 known or suspected to cause zoonoses, were detected in dogs in 2 northern Canadian communities. Dogs in remote settlements receive minimal veterinary care and may serve as sources and sentinels for parasites in persons and wildlife, and as parasite bridges between wildlife and humans. Dogs […]

If It Acts and Looks Like a Wolf Chasing Elk…it’s a Dog

Brian Nostrant took a photo from his home on Thursday of what appeared to be a wolf chasing elk on Mount Jumbo. He said he was looking out his window when he noticed the elk in an absolute panic. Vivica Crowser with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks said a wildlife biologist investigated the tracks, which […]

From Wolves to Dogs, and Back: Genetic Composition of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Abstract The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a unique dog breed that originated from hybridization between German Shepherds and wild Carpathian wolves in the 1950s as a military experiment. This breed was used for guarding the Czechoslovakian borders during the cold war and is currently kept by civilian breeders all round the world. The aim of our […]