February 2, 2023

Maine Governor Advocates for Stricter Gun Control Laws

It appears that Maine Governor Paul LePage has come out with recommendations that the existing laws on the books that severely rip apart our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, be strictly enforced and even beefed up. This is a classic example of fake “conservatives” pretending that they know what the term means while advocating for the smothering of individual rights and a destruction of your Second Amendment right.

LePage says that those who commit gun violence, “always have a relationship to either drugs, domestic violence or mental illness.” That may be so, or maybe not. However, drugs, domestic violence, and mental illness affects many aspects of everyone’s lives. If it is so important that these conditions are responsible for gun violence, then what is it that this fascist government is doing about drugs, domestic violence, and mental illness? Our society is nearly 100% dependent on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, pushed heavily through the media to ensure the addictions continue. It is said that mental illness appears more prevalent in our society only because of better detection. Really? Is it really a proper thing that any GI who seeks counseling, perhaps because of war distress, should be considered a mental problem and barred from owning a gun? Who gets to decide what mental disorders are and why they disqualify any individual from owning a gun? I see many in positions to make such decisions loonier than the patients they are condemning.

As a society, we promote violence in our media – movies, and music and just about everything we do in life. And yet, instead of addressing that problem, we think we can cure the domestic violence issue by severely limiting a person’s right to keep and bear arms.

While fake “patriots” pretend that they would never consider infringing on anyone’s right to free speech or freedom of expression (art, music, movies, video games, etc.) they think, evidently as Paul LePage does, that destroying the rights of law-abiding citizens to self-protection is a responsible thing to do; that somehow this will cure the drugs, domestic violence, and mental illness problems.

Fake Second Amendment advocates are the first to claim that taking away rights of law-abiding citizens is wrong, and yet this opinion piece of Governor LePage’s is a clear example of how one right is treated differently than all others. If drugs, domestic violence, and mental illness “always have a relationship” to gun violence, and you advocate for the destruction of the Second Amendment while doing nothing to address the other issues, thinking it’s a cure, you are an ignorant hypocrite.

Each time good-intentioned rights destroyers approach the Second Amendment with advocation of limited rights, the enforcement of the existing laws, and even strengthening the limits on rights, they are promoting gun control and are strong allies with the radical gun control fascists, and having a gun is possible if you’re responsible, you just need to learn how to fire it, with tips from allaboutshooting.com.

For the same reason gun control has no effect on criminals, gun control does nothing to stop drug abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence.

Time to give it a rest and begin strengthening our Second Amendment rights instead of looking for ways to further destroy them.

“The federal government must do a better job to provide adequate resources for background checks on people purchasing firearms.”<<<Read More>>>


SCOTUS Affirms Backdoor Gun Control

Unfortunately, the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled the other day that the Federal, State and Local Governments can inflict a life time ban on gun ownership to anyone found guilty of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, regardless of the severity of that crime. Once ruled that only those convicted of a felony crime lose their Second Amendment right. This ruling surely expands that ban.

As will be the case, non thinking idiots will believe that anyone unhappy with the SCOTUS ruling wants violent criminals to have guns. This is not the case. But that’s not what I see as the results of the ruling. What I see is that the ruling, similar to a Congressional proposal to ban gun buying of those on a “terror watch list” or a “no-fly” list, it provides the opportunity to prohibit gun buying and ownership of any charge remotely connected with or left open to one’s interpretation of a domestic crime. In other words, the system remains wide open to abuse and fails in any due process.

While all reasonable efforts should be made to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people, this is NOT the way to get it done.

A sad day at SCOTUS.

At the Patriot Post, they write and share part of Justice Thomas’ minority opinion: “imposes a lifetime ban on possessing a gun for all non-felony domestic offenses, including so-called infractions or summary offenses. … These infractions, like traffic tickets, are so minor that individuals do not have a right to trial by jury. … [T]his decision leaves the right to keep and bear arms up to the discretion of federal, state, and local prosecutors. We treat no other constitutional right so cavalierly.”