March 21, 2023

Maine Judge is an Idiot – Criminal Con Man Leonard Walks

This is probably the con job of the century or perhaps it’s the stupidest ruling a judge can make. Ex cop, Everett H. “Lenny” Leonard, 61, of Turner, gets out of jail free because the judge says he is just too sick to do the time.

“I am going to suspend all of this,” Kennedy said. “I don’t think anything I could do today could have more of an impact on you than you have already had in the press, in your life or in your reputation, which has been severely damaged.”


According to DUI Attorney, Brian Jones, Leonard might die if he screws up his meds:

“He is on a very complex regimen of medications, which, if not administered right on time, actually threatens his life,”

Or maybe it’s because Leonard is an ex cop, a member of the good ole boys club that takes care of their own and the judge is on the dole as well. Who knows.

Leonard was charged in both Maine and Pennsylvania for numerous poaching and illegal hunting charges, along with drug trafficking. The charges carried with it the possibility of 42 years behind bars and $84,000 in fines.

Leonard had faced up to 42 years in jail and $84,000 in fines for illegal hunting activities in 2010 in Turner, Leeds and Auburn.

When Leonard and his son, Everett T. Leonard, 33, were arrested in January 2011, police seized hundreds of pounds of deer meat, firearms, deer antlers, bows and arrows, spotlights, a mounted hawk and owls, a computer, documents and other hunting-related equipment from their homes.

Much of Wednesday’s court proceeding looked at the drug charge, which carried a three-year sentence, of which all but 90 days was suspended. The counts of driving deer were reduced to one-week jail terms.

An investigator with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife testified Wednesday that he watched the elder Leonard sell oxycodone, an opiate painkiller, to his son several times, often with profanity-laced complaints over his son’s habit and his reluctance to pay.

And Superior Court Justice MaryGay Kennedy lets Leonard walk!

There is no justice and a judge is an idiot who swallows the pill (pun intended) that:

It’s too much for a jail staff to manage, said William Cote, Leonard’s attorney.

“He is on a very complex regimen of medications, which, if not administered right on time, actually threatens his life,” Cote said.

Justice Kennedy agreed.