February 7, 2023

If It Never Rained Again, Nothing Would Get Wet

Brilliance! And a complete waste of time, money, resources and ink to publish a ridiculous bunch of nonsense in the New York Times about why the East should “let cougars return” in order to save lives because they would eat deer that causes deaths due to automobile collisions.

But that’s not the issue I have with this article. The issue here is that information is presented as a “scientific study” that shows how many lives would be saved, along with money, etc. The brilliance comes when the author says, “The scientists studied 19 states, including South Carolina, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio and Missouri. Four other states — Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland and Illinois — were part of the eastern cougar’s historic range, which was wiped out by the early 1900s. However, those states do not have enough open forestland to support viable cougar populations, the scientists said.” (emphasis added)

If the “scientists” knew that there is no habitat to support a viable cougar population, which anyone with half a brain should be able to conclude probably that’s why there are not very many cougars in the East, then why waste the time and money to devise a stupid “scientific study” of how cougars can save lives? Perhaps the “scientists” are suggesting that if we killed a few million people in the East and restored the habitat just for cougars, we could save lives. But then again, if we did that, there would be no vehicle collisions with deer.

BRILLIANCE! And if it never rained again, nothing would get wet. This is science?