February 6, 2023

To Catch a Wolf by Tom Remington

wolfattackswomanAs I continue working to improve my website library for readers, part of that task is to provide free e-books for my readers that may be interested for themselves and to pass on to others. Please do. Today, I finished a task I had started several weeks ago. If you might recall, perhaps 4 or so years ago, through lots of reading and research, I composed a 4-part series called, “To Catch a Wolf.” The series was geared toward educating readers of historic accounts of the problems experienced globally by people to deal with wolves.

At the time I began the series, Idaho was announcing it’s plans for licensed wolf hunts in hopeful anticipation that the Federal Government would remove Endangered Species Act protection of the grey wolf. Idaho fish and game also devised ridiculous rules on how a hunt would be allowed to take place, i.e. one hunter, alone with his gun and nothing else.

The 21-page PDF, To Catch a Wolf, recounts the bizarre, extreme and frightfully dangerous schemes people went through to kill this hated beast. While the contraptions and best laid plans were unbelievable and at times laughable, at times mass killings of wolves took place but in the end, the wolf won the war as they are still around and still growing at a fevered pitch.

Presently, some claim the wolf is misunderstood. Make no mistake, once you have read, To Catch a Wolf, you will quickly discover those who are misunderstanding the wolf are those claiming the wolf is misunderstood. The beast was never misunderstood by those who lived with and dealt directly with it.

I took the original 4-part series and joined it together to make the reading flow a bit better, adding small edits and updates. I believe this piece is interesting, entertaining, educational and holds much value, but only if it is shared in mass quantities.

Please follow the link to a page listing of “Free E-Books” and click on the link and title “To Catch a Wolf” by Tom Remington. And please feel free to share this and the other books with friends and people on your email lists.

I am planning to add other titles over the next days and weeks. Please check back to my library regularly.


Wolves in Maine Beginning in the 1600s

Perhaps readers will remember a 6-part series I did on wolves in Maine beginning in the 1600s. The majority of the information was taken from a book, “Early Maine Wildlife: Historical accounts of Canada lynx, Moose, Mountain Lions, White-tailed Deer, Wolverines, Wolves, and Woodland Caribou, 1603 – 1930, by William B. Krohn and Christopher L. Hoving.

I have taken those 6 parts and compiled them into one PDF file for free download and easier reading; along with some minor editing to make the reading flow a bit smoother. Please feel free to share this document should you deem it worthy. Thank you.

Please find that file and download at this link.