February 7, 2023

Pick A Side: Eco-Imperialism Or Wildlife Conservation

Hunters conserve and save wildlife when no one else will or can.

Want to save wildlife in wild places? Convince misguided would-be “saviors” that they need to throttle back, cease making death threats and doing other terrorist things.

In just the past few days there has been a spate of Internet and social media attacks on hunters for their choices to participate in legal hunting at various places around the globe.

The attacks come in two basic forms: Ridicule and death threats. Differences of opinion are healthy. Death threats are both sick and illegal.<<<Read More>>>


Eco-Terrorism in Maine and Arizona: Booby-Trapped Roads

A reader provided the information for this post.

In Arizona, there’s a report from the Big Deer Blog that eco-terrorists are placing sharpened rebar in and near roads in portions of that state.

Someone has been purposely placing sharpened rebar on and near forest roads in the Happy Jack area of central Arizona. Spiked pieces of rebar have slashed at least 8 tires.

Well, this act of terrorism is not confined to the Southwest state of Arizona. The person who sent me this information has also provided a photograph of a piece of rebar driven into the middle of a dirt road located in Brighton Plantation in Maine. Part of his comment was: “Tom, we found one of those rebars driven deep into the road in Brighton Plantation [Maine] early last November. [We] took a picture of it at the end of the November. After we had found the rebar we bent it over and placed a rock under it and some flagging tape at the end to warn folks. It was driven in so far that I could not dislodge it.


He also offers this comment: “I wonder if the bear referendum loses will the wackos make driving the back roads an expensive and possibly dangerous task?”

It would also appear from the caption provided on the photograph that upon returning to this same road recently it was discovered that the rebar remains driven into the middle of the road.

People are really, really sick!!


Canada: Eco Terrorism’s Proving Ground?

“Meanwhile, a new generation of crazy white lefties (and their aboriginal allies) are candidly declaring their plans to use eco-terrorism to get their way,”<<<Read More>>>