March 24, 2023

Maine’s Winter Review 2018

By Eleazar Peabody


It’s Official! Spring Returns to Maine

I received the following report from the master of all things Maine. Eleazar Peabody has the inside and outside scope on everything that happens “naturally” in Maine…probably unnaturally as well. He’s better than any farmer’s almanac and certainly no weather scientist can hold a candle to his weather and climate predictions.

Eleazar Peabody reports:

“Mr. Tom;

                  Earlier this week I spotted the first Mud Runts of the season.  They looked quite healthy and seemed in good spirits.  They were cavorting in a wet spot just off the Patch Mountain Road, near Greenwood City, Maine.  They disappeared quite quickly when they saw my broad smile and caught sight of Ole Brinker…Cheers and Happy Spring!!
                 Eleazer Peabody”