December 2, 2023

In Defense of Farmers, Hunters and Meat Eaters

“But we shouldn’t define animal cruelty down to the point that eating free-range chicken is comparable to mass murder, nor should we casually condemn millions of Americans for being “trophy hunters” without considering the benefit that their hunting provides.”<<<Read More>>>


Lisa Jackson Epitomizes Obama Administration

Once revealed that Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator for President Obama and former EPA puppet of past New Jersey governor, Jon Corzine, was lying, cheating and stealing at her job by attempting to conduct business as any good despot would do, she decided to resign.

Yesterday the EPA administrator said, much like the 3-year-old after eating all the cookies, she guess she should have communicated better with ranchers and farmers instead of spying on them……like any good despot would do.

Her real beef? She got caught. She should have taken a page out of Hillary Rodham’s playbook and said, “What difference does any of this make now?”