January 27, 2023

To Grow Moose Burn Down the Forest

In a small corner of northeast Minnesota is where you’ll find what is left of a moose herd. A Minnesota newspaper is saying that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) blames the reduction in moose on deer and as an aside note that “some” attribute some of the loss to wolf densities. But there’s an answer to the problem. Burn down the forest!

According to some researchers and biologists, brainworm and ticks are killing moose. (Note – this is of course due to global warming, wink-wink.) If you burn down the forest, the fire kills off the ticks and snails that host the brainworm parasite.

You don’t have to be a Ph.D. to know that moose thrive in forests that are regenerating. Maine has seen the moose population explode where millions of acres of forest were cleared because of an infestation of spruce budworm. Coincidentally, this same act created prime habitat for the snowshoe hare which is the Canada lynx’s favorite food and thus the lynx has made a remarkable resurgence…for now. What happens when the hare habitat is gone? Along with the explosion of the population of the moose, so too did the moose tick or winter tick which is now killing off the too large moose population.

So now there’s an answer for those of you interested in exploiting further the moose population. Think of the money outfitters can make with moose gawking tours. WOW! All we have to do is simply burn down the forests according to how many moose people want to see or hunt.

But at what expense to the rest of the ecosystem?


High Pressure Gas Tanks Explode in Highway Accident

This is quite incredible, especially watching gas cylinders becoming projectiles propelled by pressurized gas.


Maine’s Oxbow Lodge Burns Down

An icon of Maine outdoors burned to the ground this past weekend. The Oxbow Lodge caught fire in the middle of the night and, so far, it appears a reason has not been determined.

Here is one story.

The current owner of the Oxbow Lodge, said that anyone wishing to “help” should get involved in Save Maine’s Bear Hunt, a group organized to fight against the anti human groups proposing a citizen’s initiative to stop bear hunting, trapping and hounding.

The Maine Trappers Association is also spreading the word as to what people can do to help with the loss of the Oxbow Lodge.


A reader at TomRemington.com was kind enough to send along some of his photographs from inside the Oxbow Lodge.