October 7, 2022

A Quintessential Fourth

These days it is difficult to get me to leave the “protection” of my Maine camp compound. But yesterday I ventured, albeit reluctantly, beyond the pines and comparative coolness of the recent, bonafide heatwave, to attend a family (wife’s side) classic Fourth of July gathering, cookout, and water events on the lake. The entire day, with the exception of once realizing I didn’t have any idea where I was supposed to go to find the lake “camp,” reminded me of events as a child, even those very rare occasions of being at a clean fresh-water lake, baking in mostly uncommonly hot (into the 90s) Maine weather, eating hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chicken and ribs cooked on the grill, sipping lemonade, and watching boats of all sizes on the water and the young children completely ecstatic frolicking in the water, splashing, screaming, laughing with hardly a care.

Perhaps the one thing that really drove home to me how perfectly classic this day at the lake with family transpired, was the fact that my ears, not even once, heard the sound of political badgering and/or commentary from any of the estimated 4o or so family and friends gathered. It was exquisite to be void of the nasty, rotten, hate-filled, biased, brainwashed ragging of anyone wishing to express their political verbal sewerage. Instead, the talk was of historic family stories, hunting, fishing, the children, the weather… all of those things once taught and learned like “never talk about sex, religion, and politics.”

For a brief moment in this modern, progressive society, I entertained thoughts that maybe there was hope for a return to how things used to be.

Realty does come crashing down sometimes.


Does Anyone Know What “Independence Day” is Anymore?

I understand that it is the goal of the United States Government – that is the puppets in Washington following the orders of the real Ruling Establishment, to continue its push to turn this country into a military regime and police state. They are succeeding!

Independence Day, once was a Federal holiday commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence – we are told independence from the British Empire and King George III. As to the actual meaning of the vote, July 2, 1776 and the signing, July 4, 1776, I’ll spare the truth and present my case as nearly everybody in this country, and many other parts of the World, have been taught about the Declaration of Independence, the forming or a new country and the drafting of the Constitution. In short, it is easy to see why nobody in this country understands what Independence Day is anymore by their actions and their eagerness to do as they are told.

A holiday to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, almost immediately became a good excuse to do anything and everything, except learn and remember what actually took place in July of 1776. In its stead we now party, picnic, go to baseball games, attend music concerts, have parades where myriad obscene and perverted actions are on display, etc. etc. Anything goes I guess, except to represent Truth.

However, with the firm establishment of a police state and a country that has since its beginning believed it was their duty or obligation, as most brainwashed people believe, to invade other countries, kill millions and millions of other people in order to push THEIR form of “Democracy,” all efforts have turned to turning any holiday and any event as a celebration of that police state. At every sporting event in this country, and there are thousands daily, we pay tribute to dead soldiers, dead cops, dead firemen while thanking them for what they have done and what they do.

It’s Independence Day weekend and not once…no, not once…have I heard or seen any reference to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and what it meant and means to this nation and of most importance, the people of America (Not the People of the Corporate United States). Instead all attention is directed to paying tribute to those forced to go die for a government that believes it is their obligation to murder innocent people and force them to adopt America’s form of fascism and totalitarianism.

Promote the police state at every turn! That is what is now in play and evidently we all like it. It’s just too bad that nobody cares enough anymore to take a look at that historic event and learn what really happened and why. Instead, we blindly follow who we are told to follow and do as we are told to do…and like it.

Happy Independence Day – the day that was once intended to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.