February 2, 2023

Fake Fox Freaks in Blather Over the Jesuit’s Witch

Now children! More theater for the brainless, I say. According to USA Today, Sean Hannity, the brainless parrot who is only capable of repeating the talking points “someone” has spoon fed him, thinks that Megyn Kelly, the once lowly Fox News anchor who had multiple orgasms while covering the Jesuit Pope’s inauguration, resulting in an elevation of position to Prime Time lying and dispensing of propaganda,  thinks the Jesuit’s Witch is in the tank for Hillary “Rottem-in-Hell” Clinton.

Well, she may be. Perhaps Kelly knows that Clinton has been fingered for the job of the next White House puppet (Was it the Pope’s decision, funneled down through the Council on Foreign Relations?), and Kelly needs a new job – Press Secretary, answering directly to the Pope (anti-christ?)<<<Read More Theater>>>


Obama Closes U.S. Embassy at the Vatican

He laughed and laughed until he couldn’t speak! This is quite comical I’m afraid, but few see it as such. President Obama, the holy-not-see-so-well, announced plans to close down the embassy located at the Vatican and move the Vatican Embassy into the same complex where the general embassy for Italy is located.

Reading the article it sounds like this is a big deal and everyone is ticked off about it but don’t be fooled. There is a reason this is being done, if only to piss off a few fake Catholics, and my first inclination is to believe that the Vatican, at least the Black Pope, who calls all the so-called “terrorist” attacks, like Benghazi, has a plan and that plan calls for moving the U.S. Vatican Embassy. Should the Vatican not want to have a mess on their hands should the Satanic Black Pope decide to attack the U.S. embassy, best to move it before it happens, rather than afterward.

Rest assured that if this fake move by Obama was that big a deal, as the press wants to make it out to be, surely the Jesuits would roll out the “poison cup” and take care of Barry O.

I wonder. Being that Megyn Kelly of Fox News got a huge promotion after her drooling, idol worship performance covering the announcement and inauguration of the new White Pope, Jesuit Pope Francis, will she faithfully execute the task presented her in this affair. You bet, or she faces losing her job….or worse.