January 30, 2023

Absolute Assinine!

At first today, I thought Oregon’s new bill that would require cigarette smokers to obtain a prescription, was really asinine. When you consider that just a few short months ago, Oregon voted to make it legal to fry your brain on pot but now residents might have to get a prescription to destroy your lungs and heart. Makes sense…….for Oregon.

BUT…..BUt…..But…..but, it can only get better. It was just announced that San Francisco running back Frank Gore was fined $10,000 for wearing his socks too low during the NFC Championship game. No, I’m not kidding. That was the game in which the NFL made sure SF won to go along with the game Baltimore was going to win so too brothers could coach against each other in the Stupid Bore.

Here is a football league that allows players to display obscene and gangster-related tattoos on any and all parts of the body that can be seen, including asses of players we now get to see because player’s pants keep falling off. Long hair that not only looks like a bunch of women but it must be unsafe. I mean they are trying to turn football players into pansies. I expect next seasons to hear a huge announcement of NO HITTING ANOTHER PLAYER!! He might be too busy tucking his hair into his helmet, fixing his earrings, checking for split finger nails, or spearing his helmet into some other guy’s face hoping to hurt him.

And then, when these guys go to the sidelines, we have to partake of their fashion show with ball caps that are flat-billed, ten sizes too big, twisted off to one side (that’s the gangstah style you know).

I mean seriously? Frank Gore wears his socks too low, while the league allows all other players to dress like women, thugs, gangsters, etc.?

This is really too damned funny to be real. I should be careful what I say. I’m sure somebody has already painted me a racist.