September 18, 2020

Day 45 – No Executive Orders


The photos below say it all. 45 days ago President Obama falsified his actions to the American people through smoke and mirrors, faking the signing of 23 executive orders in which he was going to bypass the legislative process in order to take away Second Amendment rights of the people. All this president has ever done on this is provide the people with 23 ideas of what could be done, the details of which would be found in the actual orders; which either don’t exist or the President is covering up somewhere, preventing the people from scrutinizing the details.

45 days and we wait as nothing is posted on the White House website concerning 23 executive orders.

For those interested, the Washington Times yesterday provided a 12-page (pdf) entitled, “Second Amendment, Bill of Rights, The Constitution of the United States” as presented by the Second Amendment Foundation.





Day 44 – No Executive Orders



44 days ago, a tyrant walked into a staged room, with children as his backdrop, stared into his teleprompter and lied to the American people….nay, the entire world. In his quest to spread fear and division among the people, he played a shell game of pretending to sign 23 executive orders on gun control. It was a lie! Nothing was signed and nothing has been posted on the White House webpage for executive orders. Why do we let this man continue his onslaught of perpetual deceit? The exact details of the President’s 23 orders can give us insight into the thoughts and intents of this man.

Field and Stream Magazine, interviewed Vice President Joe Biden, the man who claims to be the gun owners’ best friend for the past twenty some years and offers advice to women to buy a double-barrel shotgun for protection. Field and Stream asked Biden this question: “What do you think is the meaning of the Second Amendment? Do you think it is to allow citizens to be armed only to protect themselves from criminals, or was it written to allow the citizenry to offer defense against foreign invaders or oppressive, tyrannical government?”

And this was the V.P.’s answer:

It was written primarily for self-defense. The argument about whether or not it was, you know, that famous phrase of Jefferson’s, “The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots,” which is often used by people who are super-enthusiasts—the Supreme Court has ruled that it’s an individual right. It is not a corporate right. It is not related to a well-established militia, a well-regulated militia. But it also has ruled that it is constitutional to own a gun individually for purposes of sporting, hunting, and/or self-defense.

Isn’t this man amazing? Not only is he a liar and gives poor advice to women about gun protection, he doesn’t understand history nor can he interpret a Supreme Court ruling. The Second Amendment was created for two purposes and I dare contend that the main purpose was for the defense against invaders and tyrants, both foreign and domestic. Over the years, lawmakers and crooked judges, politicians and lawyers worked relentlessly to show that the Second Amendment was ONLY for the purpose of maintaining militias. When the Supreme Court ruled in Heller v. District of Columbia that the Second Amendment was for the right of an individual, contrary to the lie V.P. Biden is promoting, Heller v. District of Columbia did not rule that the Second Amendment was NOT about protection from tyranny. It only clarified that it ALSO applied to the individuals rights, not exclusive of it. To think so would be admitting that only a tyrant, oppressive government, and/or foreign invader would come after individual owners of guns and not an armed militia.

We now have a case of wanting it both ways as far as a tyrant goes. If Biden can convince enough ignorant voters that the Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment is only for individuals and that the Government, meaning Obama and Biden, are the only ones who can decide what brand, how many and number of bullets that can be used, he is one step closer to filling the role of the very tyrant the Second Amendment was intended to defend us from.

Continue to heed my words. The Second Amendment is the last remaining deterrent from full scale takeover of One World Government.


Day 43 – No Executive Orders


If it hasn’t become obvious to you yet, since President Obama’s reelection, that his aim is to instill as much fear, deception, divide, racism, chaos, unrest…..or ?, it’s time to open your eyes. Presently, while absolutely nothing is being done in the White House (think the fabricated fears of sequester), the Campaigner in Chief is traveling around the country and….doing what I might ask? Near as I can tell, he’s trying to scare the hell out of people by attempting to tell them if the republicans don’t agree to make you give President Obama more of your money, we’re all going to pay heavily for that. Really? Aren’t we already paying heavily for this man’s political bent? Cannot Americans understand the intent of this ideologically twisted man? HE WANTS CHAOS!

He used the same tactic 43 days ago, when he headlined in a dog and pony show, reminiscent of the traveling medicine shows, telling the American people he was signing executive orders to limit and control guns (people). Whatever he signed one time on a piece of paper was evidently no more than toilet paper. When a president signs executive orders, those orders are made available to the people in order to read the details and be able to honestly disseminate the content and intent of the order. There are no executive orders and therefore any commentary made about these fake orders is dishonest and also fraudulent.

Where are those executive orders, Mr. President? Why were they not real? What are you hiding? Why have you lied? Is it just another one of your campaign tricks to anger more people? Do you want them to take to the streets and kill their fellow man? And then what will you do? Declare a national emergency and then become the dictator you want to be?


The New York Times, like the vast majority of ignorant, emotionally disturbed people, spends all of its time and energy writing about how law abiding citizens get their guns and not one word printed about what is being done to stop the damned crooks and murderers. Makes no sense, but then again, it isn’t intended to make sense now is it.

An outdoor writer from Maine has taken the right approach. Now here’s a man who isn’t caving in to nonsensical political pressures to reach a “compromise” (spelled giving up more of your rights to placate the communist left). He’s asking that the requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon be repealed. As George Smith puts it:

The concealed carry permit system is illogical, expensive and a waste of time and resources.

I personally do not and never have possessed a permit to carry concealed. I vowed I never would because it is nothing more than a glorified gun registry. I concur with Mr. Smith. Repeal all concealed carry permits now!

And finally, this video should turn your stomach. Politicians and useful idiots/True Believers preach that it is the gun owners who pose a threat to law and order. Really? In this video you will witness that it is NOT the legal permit-carrying man that poses any threat to anybody. Instead, a Florida law enforcement officer threatens to shoot a man if he moves because he’s done nothing wrong except the officer notices the man is carry a gun. (Warning: The police officer, paid with taxpayer dollars and is a representative of the people of Florida, uses F-bombs throughout the beginning of this video. It is obvious the officer is improperly trained, suspect to panic reacting and is a danger to himself and others.)

All you really need to watch is like the first minute. The rest of the time is spent with the officer telling the seemingly innocent man that he broke the law by brandishing a weapon.

For those interested, the gun laws of Florida say the following about whether a permit holder, carrying a gun, has to inform the police.

790.06….The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court.


Day 42 – No Executive Orders


42 Days! A pair of dice has 42 dots on them. Perhaps 42 is significant in that President Obama rolled the dice 42 days ago when he pretended to be signing 23 executive orders about gun rights, gun control, gun bans and gun confiscation. I also think the dice he rolled were loaded to come up on “snake eyes” every time. He is a crook, a criminal, a common street thug who has deceived the people, while exploiting young and innocent children to promote his goal of creating civil unrest, that will lead to street uprisings and violence… his design.

Nothing has been posted on the White House website about any executive orders concerning guns. Why do we allow this man to do this?


Remember V.P. Joe Biden gave a woman advice to go out and buy a double-barrel shotgun if she wants protection? He even told her to do as he had instructed his wife to do if she suspected any trouble at home: Just walk out on the balcony and fire off that shotgun a couple of times and she would scare away any intruders. Is that good advice? Is Joe smarter than your average vice president? Or is he………well, never mind. Watch the video below and then ask yourself if giving that kind of advice to women in general is a very good idea.

In this article found on Wired, discover why the AR-15 is more than just a “black” rifle, a so-called assault rifle, that only military personnel should own. Great read and very informational.

The New York Times runs an article about how mandatory gun insurance would be a means of gun control (people control). Aside from the fact that an insurance policy that some believe would create more responsible gun ownership (ask that of the damned murdering thugs in Chicago), it is a false flag. Policies would be narrowly defined and cover very little. In addition, mandatory insurance, contrary to what the out of touch people proposing this act say, would infringe severely on a person’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. But most importantly, would do not a thing to curb gun violence. Punishing innocent people has no effect on criminals and mentally deranged people.

The article states that most mandatory insurance costs would “around $200 to $300 per year”, (and we should believe them because?). Such an added cost, for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, is difficult to come by and would then create two or more scenarios. One, a person’s right to keep and bear arms has been snatched away by the elite ruling class, making it a privileged (money) right and, two, many people would become instant criminals because they would NOT buy the insurance and would hide their guns.

But this IS all about people control isn’t it. Thus the proposal for mandatory insurance.




Day 41 – No Executive Orders



41 days and President Barack Obama is not standing behind his word. He is a fraud, a deceiver; a person with ill intent, to lead the people astray by design. He designs to divide and conquer. He has yet to publish his promised 23 executive orders for gun control on the White House website.

And speaking of gun control, the video below is interesting and yes, a rallying cry to Americans to become active to effect change. The orator in this film says that gun control does not exist. He says there is no such thing as gun control and each time we use that term, we are co-opting the language of those whose ultimate goal is people control. That’s what it’s all about. He also makes the comment that you can’t fight wolves by creating more sheep. Sorry for the wolf lovers who will probably take offense to his metaphor, because of their sick passion for wolves. What can I say? We live in a highly censored world…….by design.

While the speaker’s call for action is toward voting and the ballot box, I’m not sure how effective this will be so long as our voting process remains so corrupted the people have no confidence that it works honestly. God still performs miracles!

I believe one of the things Barack Obama lied about in his fake photo op with children was that he wanted to create a single source data base for gun owners and mental patients. And why should any of us have any sense of security that this government and administration will be able to protect that information?

Judicial Watch tells us that the Government’s Census Bureau can’t protect and keep track of the data they collect on every human being (and made up ones) in this country. And we are supposed to bow down and let government have even more information, even more accessible to anybody crooked enough, or bored enough, to go get it. No thanks!



Day 39 – No Executive Orders


Day 39 and we still wait. President Obama jumped through hoops to pretend to the American people he was signing 23 executive orders to ban certain guns and related equipment, among other actions, to further his demolition of the Second Amendment. Although he provided the public a summary of his intentions (he did not sign any executive orders) the actual executive orders that would contain details of his plans has yet to happen. How can the public, including the press, scrutinize Barack Obama’s plans for action if we don’t know any of the details? Is this by design?

Check on those nonexistent executive orders for yourself.

Just this week, Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage pushed through emergency legislation to temporarily prohibit the release of personal information of concealed weapons permit holders. The debate about guns continues in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. In addition, this emergency legislation, seems prompted by events that took place shortly after Sandy Hood in New York, where a news agency there obtained the names and addresses of licensed gun owner in two counties and published that information, along with a map to locate each owner. The intent was obvious and the action created several backlashes, including a blow back of the publication of the names and addresses of the people who published gun owners’ information.

I have written previously that I believe that requesting this personal information has no good intents and purposes and will only result in putting innocent people in danger.

We are now hearing fallout from Gov. LePage’s emergency legislation and such fallout can be found in an editorial in the Journal Tribune. The editor appears to me to be up and down and self-contradictory in his position about this legislation. On the one hand he asserts the need to protect innocent people but on the other hand defends his perceived right to access private information for what seems no other reason than because he should be able to.

Part of what set off Maine’s action on emergency legislation was when the Bangor Daily News submitted FOIA requests for all concealed permit holders in the state. The Journal Tribune’s editor states his view of the events I wrote about above that took place in New York with publishing this information:

We believe The Journal News’ actions were in violation of the public’s trust and did a disservice to freedom of access advocates everywhere. While the paper was certainly within its rights to publish the information, even in map form, we feel they crossed the line. It is the media’s responsibility to use public information with care. There is a big difference between having to go to your town office or police department to see the list of concealed-carry permit holders and publishing a map in a major circulation newspaper of where they all live.

This information may or may not be in agreement with your own philosophies on access to private information but I believe the editor is completely missing the point in the reason why states and other municipalities have been forced to take the actions they have to block access to information.

I dislike laws probably more than the most people. Unfortunately, the reason we have to implement these laws is due to people and organizations like the Journal News in New York who, by the very words of the editor, “were in violation of the public’s trust” and as a result of that action, several events took place. Are we to trust each news agency or publication business that information they get through FOIA will never be published? A bit naive I think.

This action by Journal News immediately put at increased risk, every person whose name and address was included on that list. Did the Journal News consider the people attempting to live incognito, with a concealed carry permit, and probably a restraining order, to escape the dangers of stalking or abuse? This, of course, is but one example.

In addition, criminals used the opportunity to go to homes when the owners were away and stole their guns. People not on the list also became targets as thieves have a better sense of which homes don’t have guns making them easier prey.

But perhaps what the people at the Journal News didn’t expect was a return of the favor when others took it upon themselves to reveal, in the same public fashion, the names and addresses of the reporters who released that information. Consequently, these people had to hire body guards and security personnel to guard themselves and their homes. And all for what?

The editor gives the excuse for continuation of access to private information in this way:

Restricting access to public records is a troublesome proposition. The government should be striving for more openness and accessibility, not less. No other permit issued by state or local governments is protected information, and while there are some concerns, we do not believe they rise to the level that would warrant exempting concealed-carry permits from public record.

Gov. LePage has said he does not see any reason why these records should be public, but it’s tough to argue that the public should not have the right to know how many Mainers are carrying concealed, as it is a public safety issue that is pertinent to every citizen. If the state is in the business of granting or denying these permits, the public should be able to see them if for no other reason than to gauge the efficacy of the state’s process.

Are you kidding me? I fail to see how endangering the lives of innocent people, as there will always exist irresponsible and agenda-driven non thinkers as was on display at Journal News, doesn’t measure up to anyone’s standards of in need of offering means to disallow this needless threat. It doesn’t measure up?

If, as the editor states, the public has a right to know due to a public safety issue, this totalitarian view is offering the expenditure of the lives and safety of gun owners in exchange for allowing the public to know who carries. Seriously, are people who don’t know if their neighbor carries or owns in any more danger by not knowing? Statistic say not.

And to top it all off, the editor then says that people have a right to know who carries, “if for no other reason than to gauge the efficacy of the state’s process.” If this editor really believes this then I would have to suggest he/she also would agree with the following; as was asked of me in an email:

It should be public information and published in any media platform that anyone wishes, in addition to concealed carry information:

*Personal and private information of everybody receiving any form of welfare, i.e. food stamps, heating assistance, aid for dependent children, etc.

*Personal and private information of everybody receiving Section 8 housing

*Personal and private information of everybody receiving Medicaid

*Personal and private information of everybody receiving free or reduced lunches for their school children

*Personal and private information of everybody receiving treatment for contagious diseases

*Personal and private information of everybody on prescription drugs for mental disorders

*Personal and private information of everybody receiving medical treatment, which doctors and hospitals or clinics they visit

*Personal and private information of everybody’s police records, past and present

*Personal and private information of every school child in public schools (certainly I have a right to know if my neighbor’s kids are a threat to me because they can’t pull the right grades.)

After all, shouldn’t we have the right to know this stuff in order that we can gauge the efficacy of our government to ensure they are doing a good job? This editor does and fascists/totalitarian-thinking people think so.



Day 38 – No Executive Orders


Day 37 and Barack Obama has failed the American people. He lied and has yet to make public the details of his fake signing of 23 executive orders claiming he would control gun access and ban assault weapons. Nothing posted on the White House website regarding his executive orders on gun control.


Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage is expected to speak during his weekly radio address about gun rights and at the same time urge Congress to put its focus on mental health rather than lawful gun owners.

I’m still not sure what it will take to wake this nation up to the realities around them. Perhaps this bit of information will rattle a few of you awake.

According to an article written by Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D., veterans are receiving notices from the government that they have been determined to be either physically and/or mentally “incompetent” to take care of personal affairs, including owning a gun. One such letter read, in part, as follows:

A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).

Has our government merely disregarded any “due process” when it comes to life, liberty and property? Evidently. Is there no criteria, established by law, that a judge or jury can use in determining a person’s ability to fend for themselves and/or own a gun for protection and sport?

My God! WAKE UP!

Another article written by Jim Shepherd and posted on Outdoor Wire, delves into a bunch of “what ifs” as it might pertain to efforts to disarm Americans through rewording of laws to cloud the interpretation of those laws. In that article it states the following:

California already has legislation that allows police to confiscate any firearms owned by people once qualified for firearms ownership but subsequently disqualified. These two measures are only two of the most blatant attempts to make firearms illegal-and allow officials to legally seize them from their owners.

In case you think I’m exaggerating, California already seizes as many as 10,000 guns per year under their “once-qualified” provision.

California is believed by some to be the model or testing grounds used by the ruling class as to what they want to see the rest of the country like.


Day 37 – No Executive Orders


Day 37 and the people and the White House seem obsessed with “sequestration” and whether or not the government will be able to take more of the subjects money and possessions through taxation. The fear mongering the president and his puppet regime of media bloviators and false prophets, falls right in line with my suspicions of President Obama’s intent to divide and conquer, to anger the people, to establish an avid distrust of government and more importantly each other. He wants us to take to the streets, to get violent, to create chaos and uproar. This has been his mode of operation with fake demands for gun control and weapons confiscation. Think Arab Spring! Create chaos! Everything always in chaos! Recall Rahm Emmanuel’s comment to never let a good crisis go to waste. Take to the streets and Obama will declare his much sought-after national crisis. He then becomes the dictator he always wanted to be; the results of all the preparations he has made to this point of his despotic rule.

Nothing posted on the White House web page about his false signing of 23 executive orders on gun control. Fraud, deceit and forgery! And the people have come to expect it, nay, to enjoy it! Where is hope?

(Added a bit later) A Colorado state representative says to get rid of guns and if you are being raped just urinate and vomit on the perpetrator. That’s good enough self defense. I bet this clown has tried it. What do you think?


Day 36 – No Executive Orders


As we have discovered, this president even argues against his own policies blaming others for them and the results that may come from them. Why then should Americans have any confidence President Obama will do anything he says he will.

36 days ago, he lied in a despicable manner, exemplifying an immoral act of self-indulgence, exploitation and downright fraud by telling the public he was signing 23 executive orders to limit ownership and access to guns. It has now been 36 days and the President has not shared with the public any part of those executive orders but the mere 23 general ideas he had at the time. Nothing is posted on the White House website about those executive orders.

In the meantime, the Washington Examiner is reporting that researchers from the Department of Justice’s National Institute for Justice, are stating that any ban on assault weapons will “unlikely have an effect on gun violence.”

Oddly though, even though President Obama’s own administration researchers made this determination he says that he’s not accepting the information and such claims are not the official position of his administration, including the Department of Justice.

Which brings me, one more time, back to my original contention of the intent of all of President Obama’s and other gun fascists rhetoric about guns, gun control, gun confiscation, etc.; that is to wreak chaos, distrust and to widen the divide among the people of this country, perhaps enough to force them into the streets in violent protests.

Also in an update on events in Maine about blocking personal information belonging to gun owners from being published for public scrutiny, Gov. Paul Lepage signed emergency legislation that will temporarily block access to this information while the Legislature and the people debate this issue.


Day 32 – No Executive Orders


The White House is still in failure to supply to the American people the 23 executive orders that President Barack Obama claimed to have signed before the world 32 days ago. What a shell game! What immoral self-indulgence for the perpetuation of personal ideals! What a display of despicable human character!

It remains my contention that the purpose for President Obama’s charade of pretending he was signing executive orders was a mere act to create discord among the people; to create distrust of the government and with fellow man. This can be seen in many things that have happened since the Government, led by the tyrant Obama and people like Fascist Feinstein, has decided to disarm the American people in total disregard of the Second Amendment.

One small example of how states have reacted to this forceful overtaking of the people by the Feds occurred in Montana. The Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association felt compelled, as have several other states, to inform the people of their position when it comes to doing their sworn duty to uphold the constitution.

On a related note, this article explains why it might appear that chiefs of police tend to stand up with politicians who oppose gun ownership and why sheriffs don’t. Worth the read.


Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Position on Gun Legislation

Adopted February 7, 2013 by the Board of Directors

The Montana Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (MSPOA) is committed to public safety, and each of our members has taken an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the State of Montana and the United States Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

The MSPOA believes in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that this right shall not be infringed. It is important to note that no legislation affecting this right has been introduced.

As our state and country continue to discuss and debate gun control legislation, the position of our association remains steadfast: the MSPOA will not waver in our defense of the Constitution and will stand to preserve our constituents’ right to possess firearms and the protections insured by the other nine amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

The MSPOA feels that any legislation that takes away constitutional protections, including gun rights, from law-abiding citizens will not alleviate or eliminate the threat from violent or mentally ill individuals. In fact, it would expose our law-abiding neighbors to violence with fewer resources to counter them with.

America has endured violent assaults of children and adults at the hands of criminals who have used firearms as well as other weapons. The MSPOA does not believe that it is the fault of the weapon, but that of the often mentally disturbed individual who wields it. The MSPOA has long supported the efforts of the mental health community and will continue to do so.

As professional peace officers, elected and sworn to uphold both the State and U.S. Constitutions, we additionally believe in the importance of the division of power and roles of each of the three branches of government, at both the state and federal level. MSPOA feels that now is the time to discuss violence in its totality, not simply as an issue of “gun” violence. Violence is a result of a breakdown on many fronts: family, gangs, drugs, lack of proper mental health treatment, and the proliferation of violence in media, just to name a few. The discussion must include stakeholders from all disciplines who are dedicated to and willing to address the myriad and complex issues related to the safety of our communities and our country.

The MSPOA remains committed to the safety of the citizens of the State of Montana. We will dedicate our efforts toward active participation in the legislative process and the protection of the rights of the people of our state. We welcome and encourage our neighbors’ active participation in this process as well. As Congress and the Montana legislature debate issues surrounding violence, the Second Amendment, and gun rights, the MSPOA will insure that our voices will be heard.