September 18, 2020

Day 31 – No Executive Orders


And still, nothing posted for the people on the White House website about 23 executive orders for gun control.



Day 29 – No Executive Orders


President Obama has lied to and deceived the American people. In his flim-flamery, a dog and pony show and exploitation of children, he conned the American people by staging a false event. He told us he would sign 23 executive orders that will curb gun violence. He made one signature on what can only be thought of now as a piece of scrap paper.

It’s been 29 days since that act of illusion and yet, not one shred of evidence can be found on the White House website where Executive Orders are signed and posted. Some may say the White House is too busy and yet, just 3 or 4 days ago the White House announced the President would be signing an executive order to do with cyber security on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. That executive order is posted at the White House website, so why not the 23 executive orders Mr. Obama told people he was signing?

To intelligent, independent thinking people, there is reason to demand to see the details of each of these orders. The 23 suggestions that the White House released prior to the magic act mean nothing. They tell us nothing of what will actually happen. Do these executive orders not exist? Is the President hiding that information because he doesn’t want us to know what his plans are? Or, is this more of what I’m inclined to think it is; just a way to create division and angst among the people; a divide and conquer scheme?

Below I have included a video taken of a CNN report of Obama signing the fake executive orders. After the President concludes his speech, he says, as he walks away from the podium, “I’ll now sign the executive orders.”

Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news anchor appears and offers some commentary stating that the President is now signing 23 executive orders. Oddly, the President inks one signature and walks away to go play with the children he’s taking advantage of. Blitzer comments something to the effect that he guesses one signature must be good enough for all 23 executive orders.

It’s an amateur hour or more aptly described as the Gong Show.


Day 27 – No Executive Orders


The silence on the whereabouts of these fabricated 23 executive orders of President Obama tells us a lot if we pay attention. I stick with my original assessment that the intent here is to create more anger, distrust and violence; perhaps to even drive people to the streets in violent protest. There are no executive orders, at least at this point, but while we are watching and focusing on other things, watch out for the Great Deceiver will foist his 23 Hitleresque executive orders on the people. And while we wait, still nothing is posted on the White House website.

And while we wait, watch this video below and then you should be asking yourself many questions. The most obvious is whether this person is capable of doing his job?; is he capable of rational discourse?; is he an example of the kind of person we should have heading any police department?; what ignorance exists in a man’s mind that he would attempt to convey to people that guns are not a defensive weapon? Also note that I don’t even think any of the people gathered around him believe a word he is saying and some actually seem embarrassed to be there.

I find this video frighteningly staggering!


Day 26 – No Executive Orders


This is the 26th day since President Obama staged what appears to be a fake event, deceiving the people of the United States, while exploiting young children, and pretending to sign 23 executive orders of how he was going to ban guns by circumventing the legislative process and, more importantly, disregard the constitution. There is nothing posted on the White House website of the details of his supposed executive orders.


Joe Biden: Gun Control Won’t Work

Joe Biden was caught on camera in Washington saying that new gun control laws will not prevent another mass shooting or lower the number of gun deaths. Yet the President and Biden are telling us that we MUST pass gun control even if it saves just one life.

So what is their real reason for pushing so hard to take our guns?


Day 22 – No Executive Orders


Absolutely nothing posted on White House website about 23 executive orders.

But be vigilant and watch carefully as the lying republicans, presenting themselves as the great protectors of our Second Amendment rights, begin to cave in on gun rights saying they are open to discussion on gun control issues like enhanced background checks. The media is doing their job of convincing the populace that the majority of people want stricter laws that do nothing to prevent violent crime and everything to do with disarming the people.

Remember what I have been saying. The last blockade to avoid total despotic rule is an armed populace. Once that is gone, so are we.

Historically, neither democrat or republican lie makers (not a typo) do as they say as both sides have the same agenda; they are just permitted to use different rhetoric in order to deceive the people.

We all have become victims of the biggest con game in Washington, D.C.: “We must come together in compromise to get something done.” That is progressive speak and has led to the destruction of this nation. But we fail to learn from history……by design.


Day Eighteen – No Executive Orders


Can you believe it? Nothing posted for the public yet!

But you can read one person’s perspective as to why we should in no way support the lies about background checks of any kind, including those proposed for private gun sales.


Day Seventeen – No Executive Orders


Nothing posted yet!

But look here! An armed guard on duty at an Atlanta middle school stops shooting.


Day Eleven – No Executive Orders

Barack! What ya Hiding?

Nothing posted here. According to the government-run news media, President Obama signed 23 executive orders. If so, where are they?

And Fascist Feinstein says she won’t make public the details of her proposed “assault weapons” bill until it makes it’s way to committee. Why is that Ms. Feinstein? Hiding something?


Seriously Busted!: The Final Nail in the Coffin That Destroys a Fabricated “Hockey Stick” Graph on Global Warming

“Hide the Decline”, became a catch phrase a couple years ago, when leaked emails began to surface that seemed to implicate certain climate scientists and research facilities who purposely withheld specific climate data in order to fabricate a graph that would show a steep increase in global temperatures over the past 150-200 years.

Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick Graph” became the most famous as the media and others scarfed this up as proof that man was destroying the planet and serious things needed to be done. Almost everyone fell for it.

It has taken a lot of time and effort but finally all of the needed information has been collected to once and for all prove that climate scientists intentionally removed specific tree growth data for the purpose of producing a false result that would wrongly influence climate science and arm the political parasites looking to exploit for profit.

If you read nothing else on climate science and global warming, please read the Bishop Hill Blog. This story is detailed and carries the complete chronology from beginning to end. This IS the smoking gun.

As you will see in the graph below, the black ink represents Michael Mann’s infamous “Hockey Stick”, like the one portrayed above. This represents the result of cherry picked data in order to produce a graph that looks exactly as this one does. Along with this black ink is also green ink. The green ink in the graph depicts what it would look like if all the data intended to be used in the research had been used. As you can see, there is an unmistakeable difference.

Tom Remington