March 29, 2017

Countering Propaganda and Disinformation

*Editor’s Note* – In 1914, a place called Wellington House opened for secret business in London. It’s purpose? To “counter” the German propaganda machine by winning public opinion to support war at whatever cost necessary. The tactics and techniques of mass brainwashing already existed. What was needed was to pull together the right people, skilled […]

A Most Scary Notion for Americans Today

He Walks a Line

I keep a close watch on this right of mine…

“Honey” Don’t

Government is the Antithesis of Freedom

Everything Free….With One Exception

A Cage or a Box?

Free At Last. Free At Last. Thank God Almighty, I’m Free At Last

This is how I became “free” by feeling protected and regaining some of my rights taken from me in the name of “national security.” I took down my Rebel Flag. You can’t buy a Rebel Flag on EBay any longer. I then peeled the NRA stickers off my front door, garage door, bumper of my […]

John Deere and Apple Investors to Vote on Liberty Proposals

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: Pro-Liberty Resolutions to Be Presented to John Deere and Apple Investors This Week National Center for Public Policy Research Asks John Deere Investors to Support Its Call for Increased Transparency Surrounding the Company’s Anti-Free Market Policy Activities National Center’s Proposal to Apple’s Shareholders Highlights Dangers […]

Freedom’s Safest Place

But you don’t HAVE to join the NRA, or any other supposed gun rights group!