May 28, 2023

HSUS: “Hollow, One-Dimensional Ideologues and the Unbridled Cynicism”

V. Paul Reynolds, in his weekly column in the Sun Journal, shares his perspective on the State of Maine dealing with the Humane Society of the United States. In part he says:

There can be only one explanation for HSUS’s strategy, notwithstanding its stunning gall and apparent contempt for Maine’s way of life. Policymakers in this organization have determined that they can eventually wear us down, that we, sportsmen and outfitters, will run out of money before they do. And they may be right.

Never mind ethics. Never mind integrity. Never mind fair play. Never mind the public will. Winning is all that counts, so spend money willfully and wear down the opposition. Bury it with piles of greenbacks! Buy a victory. To hell with what the people want. Impose your values on those who don’t see it your way. Shove it down their provincial throats!