March 28, 2017

More Fascistic Wildlife “Management” Rooted in Environmentalism

Here’s but one more glaring example of how wildlife biologists and managers of today are representing their “EnvironMENTALism” mind controled and manipulated educations. Maine stupidly introduced Canada geese to Maine for various reasons (at a time when the world was overrun by Canada geese), including to provide more geese hunting opportunities for both of the […]

Geese Lives Matter

“Nestled along Rangeley Lake, the town’s year-round population of 1,200 swells to more than 7,000 in the summer. The same things that bring all those visitors — the lake and surrounding open, natural spaces — also attracts flocks of migrating Canada geese, which are more than happy to drop in for an extended visit. And, […]

Milt’s Corner – Jay-Walkers

Greenwood City, Maine – The largest family in that city thinks they can just cross busy streets anywhere at anytime. Milt Inman Photo

Milt’s Corner – Geese Leaving Pond

Artsy-Fartsy? Milt Inman Photo

Goslings Make Land

Milt Inman photo

Born on This Date

Milt Inman photo

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Video by Scott McKinley