February 5, 2023

Geithner: They Made Me Lie

And people will believe this lie that Geithner said in his book that the White House made him lie. Spin, a fancy word for lying, has gone on since the day when Eve fed Adam an apple. In politics lying is survival. Why is this a shock to some people? We just never learn and tomorrow we will believe the next lie coming out of the mouth of any corrupt politician.

And on a related note, I kind of doubt the White House made Geithner do anything. An examination of the power structure probably would reveal that Geithner was and probably still is barking out orders to the White House.

Read more about this latest diversion that enhances the fake left/right paradigm.


The United States Department of Peace Building

No! Really! Imagine another cabinet position called the Department of Peace Building. According to the Maine Wire, peace building is different than peace making; what I don’t know, but make note that two of the functions of this Nazi-esque government proposal would be finding ways to curb gun violence – what possibly could go wrong? – and to reduce “violence against animals” – and what could really, really, really go wrong? Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Can you imagine? Over the years our Department of State hasn’t been able to conjure up enough “peace” with diplomacy? Or, that the Secretary of Defense couldn’t find enough ways to “defend” our borders? But this proposed department for pacifists, would also be in charge of anti-bullying and probably things like putting out your trash too early on pick up day. What would a member of the Peacebuilders have at his/her disposal that “Lurch” Kerry doesn’t have?

Think for a minute, while refrains of Kumbaya waft through the air and into your brain, peace! Think peace! I’m reminded of a church song. Something to do with peace and a valley, where the lion lays down with the lamb. Could this be the culmination of, wait……..wait for it…….the Department of Peacebuilding? Maybe it will be the second coming of Hillary Clinton!

I hate terribly to burst our moment of humming bars of “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing”, but there’s one problem that leads to many problems with this idea of a Department of Peace……oh, sorry Peacebuilding. First of all, it’s a creation of man and therefore, it can only be corrupt; before it even starts. And now that I’ve brought corrupt into the topic of conversation, ask yourself if bankers, you know them evil bastards who run the world (from Timothy Franz Geithner all the way up to Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger), ever made any real money during peace time? If you don’t know, perhaps it’s time to find out.