March 25, 2017

A Clear Example of How Environmentalists Want to “Change the Way We Discuss Wildlife Management”

I have two words to say to those who think, for one second, for any reason, that this should be allowed to happen. My God! Heavenly Father what has this world become? Come quickly I pray…I beg! And pay very close attention because the major EnvironMENTAL organizations of this severely disturbed, evil world support this […]

Rockefeller + Bayer = ZIKA

Natural News says the Zika “virus” has been around for 70 years.  However, it is engineered by the same chemical “company” of Nazi Germany’s holocaust, Bayer Aspirin…   And,  a link to an article from 2011 titled “Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin“.  

Line Up For Your Own Money to Compensate for Wolf Losses Along with Destruction of Food Sources

*Editor’s Note* – People cannot and will not see the evil that is behind this action. Non thinkers, programmed by government, for government, will ignorantly think I have something against ranchers being compensated for livestock losses due to wolves. I don’t and readers who have followed me realize I will support what rights a property […]

Wendy Bell Firing from WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh Criticized by Black Conservative Leaders

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: Washington, D.C. – Spokesmen for the national black leadership group Project 21 are critical of Hearst Corporation’s WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh for firing anchor Wendy Bell for comments about a March 9 multiple murder in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg. Bell wrote, in part: …There’s no […]

Vaccines and Retroviruses: A Whistleblower Reveals What the Government is Hiding

*Editor’s Note* – This article begins by stating: “These non-HIV retroviruses were unintentionally introduced into humans over the past 75 years.” I would have to disagree with that statement. It would be more accurate to state it this way: These non-HIV retroviruses (and other human-killing agents) were INTENTIONALLY introduced into humans over the past 75 […]

America: Private Playground by Covert Mass Genocide

Two days ago I provided readers with a link to a story written by an anonymous, health-related scientist. The scientist claims to be a retired government scientists who chooses to remain anonymous because he fears for his life for what he knows. The article was mostly about chemical aerosol spraying by military and commercial jets […]

Depopulating YOU!

As for as that Montana state legislator goes, Unfortunately the majority of citizens and apparently sock puppet political slave legislators in this society lack a true understanding of the nature of constitutions, whether state or national constitutions. Depopulating this continent for the goals of sustainability – safeguarding biodiversity through economic and population growth; Indirect drivers, […]