February 7, 2023

Vatican Created “Great White Ghetto”

“In effect, welfare has made Appalachia into a big and sparsely populated housing project — too backward to thrive, but just comfortable enough to keep the underclass in place. There is no cure for poverty, because there is no cause of poverty — poverty is the natural condition of the human animal.”<<<Read More>>>

Commentary: This is good reading and depressing as hell…I suppose it’s probably not at all depressing for those who have known nothing else. But what’s most depressing is that this is just another “ghetto” story, one about backwoods poverty and we find this explanation: “poverty is the natural condition of the human animal.”

Good enough then I would guess as this writer has determined himself to not look for a real cure, if there actually is one that is needed, and to do that one must find the cause. The lazy approach is that chosen by the author – “welfare has made” the Big White Ghetto.

Going through life believing that poverty is the natural condition of the human animal and that welfare makes ghettos provides little hope for any future for anyone. Isn’t this by design and part of that design is the mind controlled writing of this author? I doubt the author has any idea that there exists an explanation, a readily available cause and effect, other than it’s natural.

The Great White Ghetto is a planned event and is perpetuated by the same evil empire that made it. But never an utterance or lifting of a finger to discover that poverty is not a natural condition of people. But, yes, welfare creates the ghetto, ghettos create slaves, slaves are dependent upon more welfare and thus becomes a guaranteed vote during elections for those willing to give more free stuff.

And so, we should be looking at what or who drove the Scots-Irish working class to this region and insured they would never leave? All by design.