February 4, 2023

Lies About Climate Change to Cover Up Lies About Human Manipulated Food

I don’t believe people will ever get it. They don’t want to. They are just programmed to disregard truth and above all things believe The Government.

While crooked liars, thieves and tramps tell us that climate change is going to destroy our crops, as well as our meat, the truth is that man is destroying those foods and meats already with chemicals and genetic manipulation.

Forget the truth of history, if you choose, but it does tell us that in historic times of global warming, food shortages were rare. Humans ate well and prospered. We are being told we’re all going to die, that food will not grow, it will taste bad and be difficult to eat.

So long as people like Al Gore, who is making gobs of money off our blind willful ignorance, can promote his lies about climate change, he and his buddies will continue to destroy humans, kill our forests and fields, manipulate our crops with chemicals and genetics and riddle humans with disease.

Will you be the first to willfully make the ultimate sacrifice for Al Gore?