February 6, 2023

MOUNT KATAHDIN: When Nobody Knows Or Cares About Grammatical Correctness

In this Post Normal existence of a misguided society, where not only is it a struggle for people to write (or speak for that matter) in complete sentences, at a time when life is in the palm of everyone’s hand, and the language consists of coded abbreviations, and nobody cares about whether anything written or spoken is grammatically correct (the same can’t be said about political correctness), we can read where one lost soul believes it’s important to rename a famous Maine mountain in order to make the name grammatically correct.

The director of Baxter State Park in Maine wants to change the name of Mount Katahdin to just Katahdin, claiming that “mount” is built into the name Katahdin. To a loser, who seems only capable of focusing on typos and grammar, life’s importance must be a struggle. Who cares? The English Language is full of such things and nobody cares. Why would anyone think it important to rewrite forever to make a point…or a statement? Have we reached the climax of idiotic sensitivity that any person would find offense in being told that the name Katahdin means it’s a big mountain? What is offensive or important that to some nerd with obviously too much time on his hands (maybe he isn’t doing the job he’s paid to do) would find a need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, taking up hours and hours of time people could be spending doing important things, to change the name, dropping Mount?

Nobody cares…nor should they. It’s not important! Nobody cares when somebody calls Islamic Terrorists THE Al Qaida, when “Al” means THE. Are we to be upset because when somebody speaks or writes that way it is grammatically incorrect? Where has any sense of a true compass reading gone?

When the real purpose of life is to correct our forgetfulness of where we came from, in order that we can know where it is we need to go, some poor lost soul is wasting his life obsessing on grammar in an old Indian name.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Animals Are “Its” Not “Whos”

I see this mistake made more and more each day that I spend reading accounts that involve animals. I’m not a grammar expert and don’t pretend to be. The reason I mention the fact that people are using the wrong subjective pronouns when referring to animals isn’t because I think they are ignorantly, grammatically incorrect but that they may be using the subject pronouns normally used for human beings to describe animals. More than likely this is due to ongoing brainwashing and propagandizing by those who believe that animals are equivalent to humans (or of higher esteem) and choose to use human-related subjective pronouns to further the perverted agenda of animal rights.

To cite a couple of recent examples of this, let me begin with an article I read from an outdoor writer WHO was writing about coyotes and their preying upon pets. He writes: “I saw a story on the news about a coyote who had attacked a young boy.” Proper use would have read: “I saw…coyote THAT…”

The author continues: “They are smart animals and have learned that they don’t need to fear those residents.” Using the plural subject pronoun intended for reference to humans, is incorrect and sends the wrong message to people about the role animals play on this planet. A correct usage should have been something like this: “Coyotes are smart animals and have learned not to fear residents.”

Still further in the article we read: “…trappers were called in and captured five coyotes, one of whom was – through a DNA test – confirmed to be the animal that attacked…” A man did not attack any kids. An animal did. IT was later captured. Perhaps the writer should have stated, “one was -through a DNA test…”

We also find, in reference to coyotes: “…all of them howling, The coyotes veered off before they got to me.” Correction: “all the coyotes were howling…The coyotes veered off before getting to me.”

We can find a headline in an online newspaper (by subscription) that reads: “Vet says dog who swam in Payette L. died from algae poisoning.” The article also references the dog (a female) as “she.” Because the dog is a female, doesn’t qualify it to be labeled a she. Bitch is the common name for a female dog.

The point of all this isn’t about grammar, because frankly, I don’t give a damn. What it’s about is the substitution of human-intended subjective pronouns where pronouns intended for objects should be used. Of course this is intended to promote the humanization of animals into our society; a perversion that has excelled at rapid speed in the most recent years.

Care to learn more about subjective pronouns?


The Whight Hoose Can’t Not Speel Mutch Goot

“We all make mistakes from time to time… but for the record, the U.S. Capital is Washington, D.C. The U.S. Capitol is where Members of Congress conduct the people’s business and exercise important oversight of the executive branch,” the GOP stickler stated. “This may still be a foreign concept to the White House.”<<<Read More>>> (That is if you can stand being subjected to being forced to see and hear video advertisements. Geez, I sort of understand the need to make a buck but give it a rest!)