December 6, 2022

Credit Card Companies “EXPLORE” Ways to Track Gun Purchases

*Editor’s Note* – Don’t be an idiot! “Tracking” gun and ammo purchases are already being done. It has been ongoing for a long time. The only difference here MIGHT be that they just want to make it more overt by using codes to get your name and information, along with what you purchased with your credit card, on a list that is easily accessed.

Purchasing guns with cash can get you around this intrusion, but then what happens when there is no more cash and all transactions are digital?

BIG BROTHER – to put it mildly. Mark of the Beast to be more specific.

Banks and credit-card companies are exploring methods to identify gun purchases in a possible prelude to restricting those transactions, according to a Monday report in the Wall Street Journal.<<<Read More>>>


PA residents have tried to buy 97 guns every hour

In the past three months, Pennsylvania residents have tried to buy 97 firearms every hour. Additionally, the number of requests this quarter through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) is up 26 percent from last year. Since PICS was established in 1998, the number of background checks has incrementally increased from 200,000 at it inception to over a million by 2013. That was mostly due to the post-Sandy Hook talk about gun control

Source: PA residents have tried to buy 97 guns every hour « Hot Air


The Black Friday That Angers Some



Will Gov. Shutdown Effect Gun Purchasing?

This must be an oversight on the Obama administration’s part. Your Second Amendment rights will not be impacted by a government shutdown. The FBI has told gun retailers that government shutdown or not, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) will remain alive and ready to handle gun purchases.<<<Read the Rest>>>


Does Cabela’s Customer Service Basically Suck?

I’m not a huge Cabela’s fan, but I have purchased about as many products from the “World’s Foremost Outfitter”, that I can count on one hand and still tie my shoes. Therefore, I am no authority on whether or not Cabela’s, as a whole, has lousy customer service or whether the following incident is endemic and relegated to just the Scarborough, Maine store.

I received an email from a friend asking if somehow I could help in order that other sportsmen doesn’t run into the same problems that he has in attempting to buy a particular gun. I emailed back with a couple of questions and am awaiting a reply. What I wanted to know was whether he and his wife have any idea of his claim that Cabela’s, “service basically sucks”, is widespread throughout the entire Cabela’s corporation and whether or not he had contacted or attempted to contact corporate offices to resolve his problem. If and when I get that information I will share it.

I am going to post the majority of the email, hopefully without taking something out of context. I am blanking out the names for right now as I don’t see any need for that. I will say that I have known this person and his wife for perhaps 40 years and they are exceptionally trustworthy people.

Here’s the email:

Hello Tom,

Maybe some of your readers can help me with my dilemma with Cabela’s. Before last hunting season I twice called the Scarborough, ME Cabela’s looking for a Remington 750 carbine in a .308 cal.. Twice I was told that the gun buyer would get back to me and it never happened, so I went the season without that firearm. So this year I thought I would start earlier and called on Monday. The person in the gun dept. told me that they didn’t stock that model and that I should call Remington and purchase the gun from them. I was then supposed to have it shipped to Cabela’s and they would transfer it to me at a nominal cost of $25.00 to $35.00.. I was always under the impression that Cabela’s was a retailer and not a transfer agent and with that kind of representation Cabela’s cannot possible be “The World’s Foremost Outfitter”. Cabela’s customer service basically sucks and I hope one of your readers can point me to a customer service person at Cabela’s headquarters. XXXXX and I have Cabela’s Signature credit cards but that shouldn’t matter since all customers should be treated equal. That is the way we run our business and the way all businesses should run.

L.L. Bean is looking better all the time,


I find the story puzzling for a number of reasons but I will tell you this. As I have said, I have known this man for about 40 years and among his hunting buddies at camp he is teased because it seems everything he owns comes from Cabela’s, even the seat covers in his truck, etc. etc. etc. With the amount of time he has spent at this store and the amount of merchandise he has purchased through them, he should have a good sense of what their customer service is like.

In this day and age of economic struggles, a large retailer like Cabela’s, I would think, would NOT want to find their name plastered across the Internet in a negative fashion.

If there are any readers who can provide him/me with a contact person at Cabela’s headquarters, please email me the information or I can put you in contact with this guy. You can also express your experiences with Cabela’s, good and bad, in the comment section below.

Thank you.