March 29, 2017

Talk Like an American Politician

Hypocrisy is Very Clear

Nevada AG Will Not Enforce New Law after FBI Declines Question 1 Background Checks

USA – -( “[T]he FBI has refused to conduct background checks on transfers as required by Question 1, and Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has confirmed that until the FBI changes their position, his office will not be enforcing the law that was set to be enacted just days from now,” Don Turner of the Nevada Firearms Coalition reported […]

Maine Law Enforcement are OVERWHELMINGLY opposed to Question 3


Gov. LePage: Question 3 is, “government will know if you own a gun”

“So don’t be fooled. Bloomberg’s proposal is not enforceable. It’s not going to prevent criminals from having guns. And it’s not really about lawful transfers of firearms. It’s all about creating a gun registration so Michael Bloomberg and the government will know if you own a gun. When Bloomberg solves the problem of gun violence […]

12 of 16 Maine County Sheriffs Oppose Bloomberg’s Fascism

“While we respect the position and opinions of others, a byproduct of the democracy we enjoy, after careful deliberations and discussions with proponents and opponents alike, I will be joining 11 other Sheriff’s from around the State of Maine in voting No on #3.” Other Sheriffs opposing the measure are: Androscoggin County Sheriff Eric Samson, Aroostook County […]

Hurricane Matthew Kills 3, White House Calls for More Gun Control

Failure to Launch…the Brain

Hey, Mike! Take a Hike!

We will see whose undies Sample’s new sign in Boothbay Harbor, Maine wads up in places where the sun don’t shine and most people have their heads.