February 4, 2023

Gun Deregulation: Quote of the Day

*Editor’s Comment* – Is this an emerging trend, set off by the perception of voters who believe they elected Donald Trump as the new president? This may be a first, at least from what I have heard and read for over a decade – a leader of a gun rights organization actually calling for “broad deregulation.”

Has the sissified trend toward compromise and “reasonable” restrictions to the Second Amendment, been temporarily suspended, due to the perception of a pro Second Amendment president – who by the way strongly supported Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban?

Pssst! But Don’t Go Look!

“We want broad deregulation of firearms,” said Dudley Brown, the president of the National Association for Gun Rights. “It’s high time Republican majorities in the executive and legislative branches come in and make some broad, broad changes. As the saying goes, ‘Dance with the ones who brung ya.’”<<<Read More>>>