December 4, 2022

Devil Dog 

*Editor’s Note* – The article states that, “If you see any coyotes, haze them—yell, clap or bang pots and pans together, creating loud noises to scare the coyotes away.” That tactic may work once or twice but coyotes aren’t as dumb as people. They soon figure out that such hazing techniques have no real consequences. A bullet would be a form of permanent hazing – sure to teach them not to do that again.

An urban coyote in Minnesota is jumping fences and attacking pets. Five dogs are dead already.

Source: Devil Dog | SportingClassicsDaily


Chasing Your Blues Coyotes Away

Don’t like those coyotes hanging around your town? One Illinois town has devised a, “high-intensity hazing techniques by trained personnel.” Once it was suggested that people be allowed to shoot paint balls at the wild dogs, but that, I guess, would be deemed unruly and probably inhumane.

Hazing is the term they are using, a form of animal harassment or abuse if you will.<<<Read More>>>



Bears Are Smarter Than Researchers

I laughed my butt off. This just struck me a being really funny. Bwahahahahahahahaha


To Avoid Coyote Attack Spray It With a Garden Hose

Tips that can be found with an article in the Broomfield Enterprise on how to avoid becoming attacked by a coyote include:

“If you meet a coyote, make it feel unwelcome by yelling, throwing rocks and sticks at it, stamping your feet, spraying it with a hose or banging pots and pans.”

Make sure when you go for a walk or a jog, that the garden hose is long enough and you turn the water on before you leave.