February 5, 2023

Wolf Whoas of France

siddowaysheepHistory be damned! Rights be damned! Making a living by damned! Farming be damned! People be damned! The damned environMENTALists are determined to protect their precious nasty wild canines no matter the cost to humans. That’s the brunt of the truth. I just wish that enough sensible people would stand up and speak up and yell, ENVIRONMENTALISM BE DAMNED!

But that won’t happen will it.

Here in the United States, a small, but vocal, and well-funded bunch of irrational, totalitarian and fascistic thinking people, are mounting their campaigns to protect wolves, coyotes, bears, lions, etc. If the predator is an effective enough tool to carry out their dictatorial missions, by God they will use it and have proven that they can.

Probably there are few people alive in the United States today that had the experience of living with wolves in this country, or if they did, they really don’t remember. But now that wolves are protected, more than the lives of human beings now and more so around the globe, the creeping up of the number of livestock kills, spread of disease and encounters with humans is becoming more and more public.

Recently in Idaho, the Siddoway Sheep Company lost nearly 200 sheep in one killing event by wolves. Within the environmental machination no sympathy or understanding is displayed. Instead, an increase in the assault against the American way of life, against heritage, against tradition, against family business, against ranching, demanding that if ranchers like the Siddoways would stop grazing on land the environmentalists call theirs, wolves attacking livestock would go away. How ignorant…..among other things.

This kind of destruction of livestock, property and personal life has been prevalent in certain areas around the globe since man decided to domesticate wild animals. France is no exception.

France, not unlike the U.S., killed off the wolves by the 1930s. If environmentalists, at all levels, would research, study and understand history, they would know why wolves were killed off and they would cease with their putrefying apophthegm, “wolves are misunderstood.” The only thing “misunderstood” is that environmentalists have no clue to the realities of attempting to “live with wolves.”

Due to environmentalists’ oppressive efforts to protect the wolf, even at the expense of human life, France now is seeing a return of the wolf and it is disagreeing miserably with sheep farmers. And yet the environmentalists show the perverted mental affliction by working even harder to protect the damned disease-infested wild dog, caring little, if any, for the human way of life.

According to Gnom.es National News Service, there are 60,000 sheep herders in France tending approximately 6 million sheep. Is it any wonder it is a wolf’s paradise? In the past five years alone, wolves have killed at least 20,000 sheep and the country states its official wolf count at around 250 animals. There is at least one account of 70 sheep dieing in one wolf attack.

French authorities reimburse sheep herders for their losses, and any idiot knows this is substandard compensation regardless of which communistic country it occurs in. In addition to the great losses and attempts by the government to keep wolf numbers in check, according to this article, nothing is helping.

French authorities spend millions each year to reimburse herders for lost animals and to subsidize the hulking Great Pyrenees guard dogs that now pad alongside many flocks. Despite the protestations of conservation groups, the government has also organized the shootings — “samplings,” in official parlance — of a handful of wolves. Nothing seems to have worked, though; sheep and goat losses doubled in the past five years to nearly 6,000 in 2012.

A bit odd isn’t it that many Americans would not hesitate to call France a communist country, at least a socialistic-run government and yet what is going on in France with ranchers trying to carry on their traditions and way of life, is being decimated by the exact same efforts and methods found here in the United States. So what does that make this country?