October 23, 2019

Two Smoking Guns – Judge Andrew Napolitano

*Editor’s Note* – It would be hard to believe that Hillary would actually be indicted on any charges for anything, unless, of course it was a planned event. Was it the plan of the Obama Administration (it is possible even if the Council on Foreign Relations isn’t the ring leader behind this event) to put into place everything to destroy Hillary politically, knowing she would be running for the democratic nomination in 2016? Did the Obama Administration keep a blind eye knowing Clinton’s action would be detrimental. Did Barack Obama bring in a new FBI director, one who would have few reservations about indicting Clinton, specifically to destroy Hillary Clinton?

We can all speculate and be damned. We just don’t know. Anything is possible in a Washington that is so corrupt even the corrupt don’t suspect they are corrupt.

There is one thing for certain, whatever appears to be chaos, is but an orchestrated event geared to an end none of us are privy to.

What happens to Hillary, happens to Hillary and while most are distracted by these events, what is really going on?

If a federal grand jury were to indict Clinton for espionage or corruption, that would be fatal to her political career.

If the FBI recommends indictment and the attorney general declines to do so, expect Saturday Night Massacre-like leaks of draft indictments, whistleblower revelations and litigation, and FBI resignations, led by the fiercely independent and intellectually honest FBI Director James Comey himself.

That would be fatal to Clinton’s political career, as well.

Source: Two Smoking Guns – Judge Andrew Napolitano – Page 1


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Kneel Before Zod: Hillary Promises Vast Expansion of Executive Power Once Elected

*Editor’s Note* – Americans should NOT believe for on instance that a republican or an “independent” president would do things differently. Dictatorship is here to stay.

President Obama has so vastly expanded the size and scope of executive power that the legislative branch has become a vestigial organ of government: Obama can move on his own to create treaties, rewrite laws, make appointments, and relieve criminals of their criminality. Americans vote for their dictator every four years, but that’s about all they can do.

And now Hillary Clinton is here to expand the power of the dictatorship.

Source: Kneel Before Zod: Hillary Promises Vast Expansion of Executive Power Once Elected | Daily Wire


Proof: Hillary’s Emails Full of Shit!

‘Mom and pop’ firm used converted residential apartment and had its own servers in a bathroom closet

Platte River Networks of Denver, Colorado, was a ‘mom and pop’ operation when it landed the contract to maintain Hillary Clinton’s now notorious email server, despite it containing official secrets.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s email firm Platte River Networks was run from a loft in Denver | Daily Mail Online

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