March 29, 2017

Keeping History Alive

Did Man Extirpate the Caribou from Maine?

I was reading Part II of V. Paul Reynolds’ report about “Wildlife Restoration Projects.” He wrote mostly about Maine’s two attempts to restore caribou to northern Maine and seemed to suggest that with years of gained knowledge, perhaps it was time to try again. I’m not so sure about that, but….. I did want to […]

Life, Liberty and Happiness is Holding Hands with an Animal

It has always amazed me the amount of, not only ignorance (a case of failure to learn), but stupidity (it just cannot be corrected) that exists in the world today. One of the most revealing events in the revelation of ignorance and stupidity, all too often comes to us in the form of blind hypocrisy. […]

Countering Propaganda and Disinformation

*Editor’s Note* – In 1914, a place called Wellington House opened for secret business in London. It’s purpose? To “counter” the German propaganda machine by winning public opinion to support war at whatever cost necessary. The tactics and techniques of mass brainwashing already existed. What was needed was to pull together the right people, skilled […]

Back When Kids Did the “Right” Thing

After The Republic

*Editor’s Note* – There’s a lot in this entire article. However, it is quite interesting. It helps explain how what used to be in the country is no longer. It gives some time to the destruction of Science for political gain. Interestingly enough, this is the closest I have seen a writer, with enough knowledge […]

Why Blind Ignorance Persists, Blindly

I’ve sometimes asked when will the day come when people will discover the real truth about any issue? The answer, for anyone willing to do some historic investigation, is never. Here’s why. If you are not willing to accept the fact that we are all brainwashed and programmed to act and react, void of independent […]

Descendants of the first settlers reveal the truth about returning wolves to Yellowstone

Wildlife Habitat, History Permanently Protected in Montana

Press Release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: MISSOULA, Mont.—A 320-acre property in southwestern Montana, vital to wildlife and linked to the pages of U.S. history, is now permanently protected thanks to a successful collaboration between the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, a conservation-minded family and the U.S. Forest Service. The former Holland Family Ranch is […]

Those Who Do Not Remember History: The sad story of the worst mass shooting in U.S. History

*Editor’s Note* – I received this in my email yesterday. Thought it worthy of sharing. The worst mass shooting incident in the United States took place on December 29, 1890 “not” June 12, 2016.  It took place in Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota not Orlando, Florida.  It’s not difficult to understand why this chapter of […]