March 21, 2023

HR 2578 Just Like Bill to Delist Wolves

When efforts were put forth by totalitarians pushing back against fascist wolf lovers to remove wolves in the Northern Rockies from the Endangered Species List, a bill was drafted and added to a budget omnibus bill to accomplish that task. In that bill was wording that stated that the authority and reach of this wolf delisting bill couldn’t be challenged in a court of law. I warned readers that this was a very stupid thing to do and that it would come back to bite us on the ass. Well, here it is.

Idiots in Congress, the same idiots who passed the wolf delisting omnibus bill (hint: Do you think these criminals thought it a good idea to give them more power to enact laws that could never be challenged?) have put forth a fascist bill, HR 2578 that, disguised as a law to prevent “terrorists” (wink, wink) from being able to buy guns, would also include anyone added to a “no fly list” (wink, wink).

In that bill proposal we read, ““No district court of the United States or court of appeals of the United States shall have jurisdiction to consider the lawfulness or constitutionality of this section…” <<<Link>>>

I recommend you read the entire 17-page proposal to discover for yourself, the final destruction of nearly every Constitutional Amendment.