December 3, 2021

Baiting Wild Game With Sugary Substances Will Cause Bad Teeth…Before You Kill Them

Honest to God! You can’t make this stuff up….or can you?

A reader sent me a link to a bizarre and unbelievable claim coming out of Sweden that it is a bad practice to feed wild hogs sugary substances for bait because it will give them bad teeth. From the link, I tried several times to open the web page where the entire article supposedly is found but was unsuccessful in doing that. Here is that link. Perhaps it will work later.

According to, the original piece said: “But local officials warn that the practice, while increasing the chances of a successful hunt, it increases the risk that the boar suffer from weight problems and poor dental hygiene.”

Evidently, in Sweden, hunters put out “sticky buns” to lure the hogs in in order to kill them. I guess that’s cheaper than a helicopter and paid snipers.

In Maine, hunters use bait in the same fashion for killing black bears. Often the bait for black bears is mostly junk food, i.e. donuts, candy, etc.

The same reader who sent me the link to this illogically reasoned display of mental incapacity, also sent along a picture of a sow bear he shot two years ago. The bear was later discovered to be 23 years old. The picture shows the condition of the bear’s teeth. Do you suppose this bear had been feasting on sugary treats for 23 years and perhaps would have lived to be 103 if she had practiced good dental hygiene?


Texas Man Threatens Lawsuit For the Stuffing of Two Asses

The use of the word ass to describe a donkey or a mule is Biblical. And I bring the Biblical aspect to this story because the subject of this article claims to have converted from being an atheist and animal rights activist to a “christian”.

But first, to put this entire inane topic into perspective, let me pass on an ass story of old. On a military base in Texas, two privates were given orders to go out in the corner of a field and dig a hole big enough to bury a donkey in. As the men got digging, they began discussing the donkey. As the men dug, they argued whether the animal was a donkey or a mule. Their debate reached the point where the two men were about to come to blows over it, when the base chaplain passed by where the two men were working. He heard the very loud arguing and stepped over to the edge of the hole and looked down in and interrupted the two men. “What on earth are you two men doing and what are you fighting about?”

One man said quickly, “Oh, we’re digging a donkey hole.” The other yelled, “No! It’s a mule hole!” To which the chaplain followed with a question, “What may I ask is a donkey hole and a mule hole?” Then the two men explained the reason they were there digging a hole; to bury a dead donkey in.

“But why the terrible arguing?” the chaplain asked. One man returns, “We were fighting over whether that donkey should be called a donkey or a mule!”

Being a chaplain, he took the opportunity to use Bible references to explain that God called the animal an ass and that according to his teachings, it should be called an ass.

Content, the two men went back to work digging and the chaplain left. A few minutes later, the base commander came walking by, stopped and asked the two men, “Are you digging a donkey hole?” To which one man quickly answered, “Not according to the chaplain! We’re digging an ass hole!”

According to Fox News34 in Lubbock, Texas, Patrick Greene, noted for being an atheist and animal rights activist, is threatening to sue the American Museum of Agriculture located in that city. The reason is because the museum had two old mules, destined for the slaughter house, euthanized to be stuffed and put on display in the museum shown pulling a wagon. Greene calls the action by the museum, “offensive and immoral, and also illegal”.

Greene also said, “They did it for the worst reason of all, for a display in the museum. That is an incredibly horrible reason to do it. So people can look and stare and gawk?”

Oddly enough, back in April of this year, the Huffington Post reported that Greene had seen the light……or maybe he just didn’t know if he was digging a donkey hole or an ass hole. Huffington said that once Greene had fought to have a Nativity scene removed in a Texas county because of his atheism but now had decided to convert to Christianity and to become a pastor.

The report said that after losing his job and getting into some financial difficulty, a Christian organization raised $400 to help him out. That’s what got him to thinking and prompted his so-called “conversion” to Christianity. Once “converted” he began rethinking his positions on evolution and animals. He told one reporter, “There’s been one lingering thought in the back of my head my entire life, and it’s one thought that I’ve never been able to reconcile, and that is the vast difference between all the animals and us.”

Well, evidently Mr. Greene hasn’t thought quite hard enough. I think he best return to the hole until he can determine the difference between a donkey and an ass.

However, the reader who sent me this information, also sent with it a few questions of which I am not in any position to answer, but other readers might have thoughts on them…… or even a snicker.

Did the mules get their own lawyers?
If not, what communal interest can a plaintiff assert?
Is this a sue and settle tactic similar to what the environmentalists do to avoid scrutiny of their lousy science?
Or,is this something that Saul Alinsky mentioned in his book Rules for Radicals in which the threat might be just as effective as the actual action taken?
(In this instance, getting a settlement when no court would order a settlement, might actually cause the threat to gain more than actually suing.)


Maine Fish and Game Devises Unique Method to Save Deer From Predators

Now that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is suggesting a ban on feeding deer and the state, through perverted animal protection groups’ lawsuits, can’t effectively trap coyotes to protect the deer and the same perverted groups whine and complain incessantly that using money to pay hunters and trappers to control predators isn’t socially acceptable, an anonymous person has stepped forward with a more humane way of saving deer.

The method, of which rumor has it was crafted by a retired government worker living in the Augusta area with too much time on his hands, has proven to work well on the Serengeti saving antelope from cheetahs and such. He’s not sure how effective it will be in heavily wooded forests while wearing snow shoes, heavy outdoor clothing and blaze orange.


New Species “Black Bear Crow” Will Count Deer in Maine

Yesterday we learned that in one Maine community, “public education and a careful monitoring program” helped to solve problems with black bears. Now that we know that black bears can be educated in our public schools, a rumor has surfaced that a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife bear biolo-jest, whose community the bears were educated, has successfully cross bred a black bear with a crow. He calls it the black bear crow.

(* Editor’s Note: A reader sent me the above photo with the inane notion that black bear crows might be used to count deer in Maine. The suggestion coming the result of my previous blogs wondering why many other game species in Maine have a definite number attached but not the white tail deer. I went with his suggestion and expanded the insanity just a bit more.)

The story goes that this biolo-jest knew that crows are very intelligent creatures; bears a bit on the dumb side but loaded with brute strength. He fathomed that combining the brute strength with the intelligence of the crow, he would end up with a very strong and smart animal.

But what good would such a creature be?

In his first attempt, his cross-breeding gave him a specimen similar to the photograph above but being that it ended up with a bear’s head and brain, it was too stupid to fly. Something needed to be done. That’s when the biolo-jest came up with the scheme to send bears to his local community’s public school and get an education.

Fearing that if his bear got too smart, he would run away, once the bear learned his ABCs and how to count, he yanked him from the classroom and then cross-bred him with the crow and ended up with a flying bear that could read and count.

But what good would such a creature be?

The biolog-jest thought and thought and recalled reading my article I wrote about why, after Maine spent money with helicopters, they hadn’t provided sportsmen and Maine citizens with a population count of their precious deer. That’s when he came up with the idea to train the black bear crow to fly all over the state and count deer.

In the biolo-jest’s first attempt at using the black bear crow to count deer, he gave explicit instruction to the animal on what to do. After a test flight over the Maine Animal Park, the black bear crow returned with a count of 42 deer. The biolo-jest knew there were only 5 deer at that time in the park and couldn’t understand what the problem might be. He considered that perhaps the black bear crow learned enough to realize that he was working for free and that the other biolo-jests got handsome pay and excellent retirement benefits, but that didn’t seem likely.

After some serious thought and recruiting help from the commissioner, they were able to determine that the black bear crow was counting every animal it could see, not just deer. The bear, during his bout with the public education system, hadn’t been taught how to differentiate between different species.

Fearing the black bear crow would be treated differently in public school than the bears, being of mixed species, the biolo-jest opted for a private tutor. At first the biolo-jest thought of Bill Clinton, thinking he would make an excellent person to teach the black bear crow how to identify species, at least male and female. But he realized that probably a man who wasn’t sure what the word “is” is, might not get the job done.

After countless hours of research on the subject, the biolo-jest was talking to his neighbor about his dilemma. The neighbor’s 8-year-old son overheard the conversation and suggested that he could teach the black bear crow species identification. Baffled, the biolo-jest and his neighbor looked at each other with blank expressions. The boy explained that he had a video game where first you had to identify a species before it could be shot in simulation.

Within two weeks the black bear crow could spot a deer faster than the head deer biolo-jest at the MDIFW. The problem for the biolo-jest was not now being able to get the black bear crow up off the couch and go to work.

The biolo-jest took his black bear crow, who he named Aldo, to work one day and made his presentation to the commission, the Joint Committee for MDIFW and the governor’s office, to use Aldo to count white tail deer. He guaranteed an accurate account and that it would be done within one week from the time he started; at a cost of only $1.6 million……..per flight.

MDIFW will begin counting deer using the black bear crow this winter but on the condition that none of the data be released to the public.

The governor is setting up a task force to see if there isn’t some data that could be released to the public. They will provide the results of their research to the governor on or before August 1, 2018.


Tom Remington Releases Second Book

I have finally released my new book and it is available in ebook only at this time. Follow this link for information about the book and your options for purchasing a copy.

The new book is titled, “Nobody in Their Right Mind Should Want to be an Innkeeper”. The content of this book may surprise some as most readers here know me to write mostly about hunting and other outdoor issues. In a prior life, my wife and I spent several years in the hospitality industry, owning our own bed and breakfast to top motel and hotel management. This book is very much a humorous and sometimes shocking diary of many events we experienced over those years.

Below is what is written in the book under “About the Book”. Follow the link and you can also read the Foreword and about 21 pages of an excerpt from the book.

About the Book:

It seems that for so many times I would gather with friends and family and inevitably the topic of conversation would end up being a storytelling session of all the whacky things that happened over the course of years of being in the business of inn keeping and hotel and motel management. The reactions I got ranged from shock to uncontrolled laughter.

As much as I would find pleasure in making people laugh, for certain, friends would always say, “You really need to write a book!”

And so, here it is. I left the hospitality industry nearly a decade ago, and haven’t regretted it, and it has taken that long to get this book together. Working on it in fits and starts I believe has been instrumental in crafting what I hope to be a masterpiece that, not unlike the hours of sitting around the kitchen table or open fire, I can cause people to pause in shock or laugh out loud, for that is my intent.

Too often the nonsensical dreams of wannabe inn keepers, clouds the realities of what may lie before them. I had no such chimera as my fantasies more resembled those of nightmares. I’m not sure that I can say the same for my wife as is displayed in the opening sentence.

In my storytelling, my wife has often remarked that to her it appeared all “these weird things happen to you”. Without fail my response has been that these “weird” things happen to everyone. It’s just that not everyone pays attention to what’s going on around them.

I have paid attention and I hope that I have been able to present those observations in an entertaining fashion worthy of your time. I am not one to write in adult or cursing language, however there are, on rare occasions expletives to be found that become only necessary because I am quoting someone and I feel it necessary to maintain the moment.

To all those people who have ever thought of and seriously considered becoming an innkeeper, the authenticity of that lifestyle might be more than you had bargained for.

This book is not a “how to” get started in the inn keeping profession but it contains a lot of valuable information, based on experience, than can be useful to anyone in this business or interested in jumping in. It helps to give those with such thoughts a better understanding what the commitment actually means. It’s not all roses and demands a special person.

Anyone who has been an innkeeper, a hotel or motel manager or employee, should read this book. They will find themselves in it and can relate. For anyone who has ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, inn, hotel, motel, etc., you might just find out I’m writing about you.


Ray Stevens: Livin’ the Obama Budget Plan


Milt’s Corner Photography


You Might Be a Liberal If This Makes Sense to You


Three Maine Moose Bag Out of State Hunter

Photo by Unidentified Fourth Moose


A Vegetarian’s Nightmare or A Dissertation on Plants Rights

I believe I remember this from the Johnny Carson show from a few years back. It’s funny as heck and very entertaining, well, I guess unless your a vegetable.