November 28, 2015

My Turn: To criticize hunting is to reject the traditional connection of humans to nature

If you live in the North Country, there are few offices and factories, so if you’re going to earn a living you need to take advantage of the opportunities that are there. These usually include low- to modest-paying jobs in the logging and recreation businesses, and related support and services. Very few of those jobs […]

Wisconsin hunters press committee to pass anti-harassment bill

The Republican-backed bill is largely a response to activities by the Wolf Patrol, a group of animal rights activists who followed and filmed wolf hunters in Wisconsin and Montana in 2014 looking for illegal activity. The federal government placed Great Lakes wolves back on the endangered species list in December, ending Wisconsin’s wolf hunts. But […]

Exposing Hunting Hatred

*Editor’s Note* – Some may think the opinion piece linked to below is about Question One on the Maine ballot – a referendum about “clean” elections and transparency. But it really is not. It’s about furthering one’s specific agenda of hating on anything to do with hunting and trapping. If Question One is worth anything, […]

Federal Agency Bans Wolf, Bear Hunting Methods in Alaska

*Editor’s Note* – This is probably a good example of how regulation, and thus elimination of, hunting, fishing and trapping will take place in all of the United States in the future. It closely follows the fascist control of the central government, spreading out into all departments. On Friday, the National Park Service (NPS) published […]

Wisconsin’s ‘Right to Hunt’ Law Could Mean Jail for Animal Activists 

The proposed bill, however, would criminalize photographing or videotaping hunters, as well as what it calls “impeding a person who is engaged in an activity associated with lawful hunting.” It would also cover any “acts that are preparatory to lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping.” Source: Wisconsin’s ‘Right to Hunt’ Law Could Mean Jail for Animal […]

Understanding Wildlife Conservation

I read yesterday a letter to the editor of a newspaper in New England. The complaint from the reader/writer was that New Hampshire’s fish and wildlife department wasn’t “conserving” wildlife because they didn’t reduce the number of hunting permits for deer when Maine and Vermont did. The writer first claimed that because New Hampshire was […]

Conservation requires a multifaceted approach

*Editor’s Note* – At the end of the linked-to opinion piece, the author says: “Today, the greatest threats to Vermont’s wildlife populations are habitat loss, climate change, forest fragmentation, invasive species, and the growing lack of connection to the outdoors experienced by our children.” I disagree. The biggest threat to all wildlife populations are those […]

Low Deer Numbers, But Plenty of Food in Northeast

*Editor’s Note* – The description given to what is being called a bobcat kill of a deer, is very similar to that of a mountain lion – just saying. There are certainly more bobcats in New England than mountain lions, however, so long as predators like bears and bobcats are allowed to proliferate – bears […]

Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt killed over 500 large game animals on a single safari in 1909

In particular, I was reminded of Teddy Roosevelt – adventurer, environmentalist, war hero, governor, Nobel Prize recipient, vice president, president, Mount Rushmore figurehead… and big game hunter who, on a single expedition to Africa in 1909, bagged 512 animals. Source: Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt killed over 500 large game animals on a single safari […]

I Mean Seriously, A Prius?