September 30, 2020

Cecil, We Hardly Knew Ye….

According to our sources, the lion, despite being collared, was not protected under that country’s hunting laws. Professional hunters have told us that lions are protected inside the national parks but those same lions, if outside park boundaries are, for lack of a better term, fair game.

It went on to take issue with the “hunting over bait” allegation, responding that while the lion had been killed over an animal, it was a carcass of an elephant that had been dead for some time- not a gut pile placed there for the specific purpose of luring the lion from the park- as was initially alleged by wildlife officials.

Further, the correspondence takes issue with a report that the hunter, landowner and professional hunter tried to destroy the tracking collar. In fact, it says the collar was returned to authorities as is the standard practice when collared animals are taken by hunters . If that’s the case, it wouldn’t seem that anyone involved in the hunt thought they’d broken any game laws.<<<Read More>>>


Earl of Taint


Cross-Fostering Wolves: When Bad Becomes Good

WolfPups2Below is a press release offered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. It actually baffles this tiny mind of mine. The press release is designed for the general public that knows nothing about wolf breeding programs, wolf introduction, etc. All the public knows is that there are either wolves or there aren’t wolves, i.e. they love or hate the idea.

There’s tons missing from this presser. For instance, it basically tells anyone (rarely anyone), who gets this release, that efforts are underway to increase the number and viability of wolves in the desert Southwest. They kind of side-step the process and completely fail to inform anybody about the genetics of raising mongrel dog/wolves in captivity so somebody can rush the little puppies out into the woods, sticking them in another wolf den, crossing their fingers, and hoping for the best.

I’ll spare readers of any rants about perversion and real government efforts to destroy the rights of humans. Consider, however, the hypocrisy that exists when it comes to wildlife management, even at its simplest levels.

The majority of those who support wolf/cross-bred mutt introduction, believe that wolves are some kind of magical, god-like creature that is so important for their long, sought-after balance of nature – a myth. These seriously misled and perverted wolf adorers, while thinking nothing of stooping to the severity of destroying an actual wolf subspecies at the hands of dumbing down DNA requirements for a pure wolf, raising cross-bred dogs as “wolves” and whisking the puppies away in hopes some unsuspecting bitch will raise them as pseudo “wild dogs” is beyond comprehension.

The envelope is being pushed in just how far man should go in wildlife management, and these wolf lovers support this action, but refuse to support any less radical management efforts to protect other species.

Does anybody find it odd and disturbing that history, through fact and folklore, never paints the image of a wolf in any light other than that of death, destruction and evil, and this modern American society, not only promotes that nasty wolves be forced into our back yards, be are now seeing the wolf as god-like – their answer to all that troubles them?

The Bible tells us that in the Last Days, events like this would happen; that down becomes up, that wrong becomes right, that dark becomes light, and, evidently, wolves become a savior.

Press Release from the Arizona Game and Fish Department:

For immediate release, May 4, 2015

Mexican wolf biologists remain vigilant for cross-fostering opportunity
Technique promises to improve genetics of wild population

PHOENIX — The Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (IFT) is observing from a distance the potential denning behavior of Mexican wolf packs in the wild looking for a cross-fostering opportunity. Cross-fostering is a technique to move very young pups from one litter into a different, similar-age wild litter with the hope that the receiving pack will raise them as their own. Cross-fostering is undertaken to introduce genetically-desirable pups into the litter of an experienced female and wild-proven pack.

Last year, two pups were successfully cross-fostered from a wild, but inexperienced female, into the den of the proven Dark Canyon pack in New Mexico – a first for the Mexican wolf recovery program. A key to cross-fostering is timing. Donor pups and the litter of a receiving female must be whelped within days of each other.
This year, that requires close coordination between captive rearing facilities in the binational Species Survival Plan rearing facilities and packs in the wild.

The IFT will be looking for opportunities to cross-foster wolf pups in the Apache National Forest between now and May 30. In particular the IFT will be trying to cross-foster wolves into the Bluestem and Maverick packs due to the packs’ proven ability to successfully rear pups.

The 2014 Mexican wolf population survey results announced in February showed a minimum of 109 wolves in the wild, up from 83 the previous year.

The reintroduction is a collaborative effort of the Service, Arizona Game and Fish Department, White Mountain Apache Tribe, USDA Forest Service, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service – Wildlife Services, and several participating counties in Arizona.


PETA Kills 88% of Dogs and Cats

Here we go again. A report filed by Infowars, states that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed 88% of the dogs and cats they had taken in to “care for.”

PETA is a puke because they are lying hypocrites. As the article points out PETA hauls in millions of dollars, over $51 million last year, by promoting no animal killing and for “ethical” treatment of animals. (Ethics is what you do when nobody is looking, right? Ooops! Somebody peeked.)

So, here is where I am going to have everybody hating me. PETA supposedly took in 2,626 pets last year and killed 88% of them. Good for them. This country is overrun with dogs and cats. Oh yes, some people take very good care of their pets, yada, yada, yada but far too many people don’t. If people really loved their pets, they would do more to make sure that we aren’t overrun with nasty, rotten, disease-ridden pets. But they don’t. As a matter of fact, it is because of organizations like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States, that there are so many pets to begin with.

Let’s get rid of a few hundred thousands and better control and take care of the ones we have.


Pope Says You Can’t Make Fun of Someone Else Religion

Yahoo! News reports that Pope Francis says there must be limits to speaking freely and says that, “You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.” It would seem then, from the Pope and Catholic Church’s perspective, that poking fun of people and their religious beliefs merits limits while the Pope and the entire Catholic Church has for centuries and continues to this day, murdered millions of innocent people all in the name of the Vatican’s disapproval of anyone who does not buy into the false teachings of Catholicism. The Church never took the time to insult their religions, they just went out and murdered the masses of them, including their own people when appropriate.

Spoken as a true anti Christ.


Nature Balancing Itself and Animal Rights Hypocrisy

An article that appears on the website, gives readers a glimpse into what most people believe to be “balance of nature” and proof they have no idea what their so-called “balance” looks like. In addition, the same article reveals the hypocrisy that drives animal rights and animal protection groups (actually anti hunting, control freaks).

What is being shown is an emaciated young black bear. The article states that this particular bear should have weighed about 100 pounds coming out of hibernation. Instead it tipped the scales at 15 pounds. The reason for the starvation was given as being the result of a lack of natural food last fall leading up to the time of hibernation when bears work hard at gorging themselves to build fat reserves.

This my friends is an example of “(un)balance of nature.” Most who believe this myth have been convinced or have convinced themselves that if man just dried up and went away, nature would always self-regulate and be in some kind of Disneyesque, fake balance that does not exist.

One has to ask which is more cruel/inhumane? To see young bears being starved to death “naturally,” or through population manipulation, employing hunting and trapping, to keep bear numbers at sustainable levels so that when those seasons come around when there is little natural food, this extreme kind of starvation is better avoided.

It won’t stop all situations but it could mitigate a very serious issue.

On the hypocrisy side of things, in the article we read, “It’s important not to feed bears if they come searching for food in your lawn. Call animal control, so the bears can be taken to a haven where they’re revived, and then released.”

The animal protectors, most of whom dislike hunters, say that using bait for hunting bears is cruel, unnatural and causes bear populations to grow too high for the carrying capacity of the forests. They also say feeding bears by baiting/feeding habituates them to humans and creates the nuisance problems we see on a regular basis.

Here we see hypocrisy at its finest. First we see that while many people claim “balance of nature” and that man should get out of the wildlife management business, we have man butting into wildlife management, creating a wildlife management business of their own, reviving starving bears (starving due to balance of nature?) and then sending them back into the forests again to starve and/or cause the starvation of other bears.

While the animal protectors claim that feeding/baiting bears teaches bears that humans are a food resource, it is somehow overlooked that “reviving” a starved bear cub and sending it back to the woods has not taught that bear to be dependent on humans for food?

In addition, the act of reviving a starved bear may, in fact, cause the starvation of another bear. The reason these dozen bears that have been found are starving is because of a “natural” phenomenon known as too many bears and not enough food. Sending a revived bear back to compete with other starving bears makes no sense at all.

They kinds of ignorant and hypocritical people love balance of nature, that is the kind they conjure up in their heads, when it nicely fits their narrative. And holding true to their totalitarian ways, rules they have insisted on having about feeding/baiting bears, apply to only those they dislike (hunters).


No Gun Violence in PA, Vultures Remain Quiet

“The calls for something to be done aren’t being made because the horrible occurrence yesterday points out something that pro gun groups have been saying for some time: America doesn’t have a gun problem, we have an anger and violence problem- especially in our schools.

Further, the groups normally calling for immediate legislative action are being quiet because stabbings don’t move the needle for them. Eliminating violence is as nebulous and unlikely an idea as world peace- they know that’s impossible.

And it’s not their ultimate goal. Disarming average Americans is their goal, and they’re single-minded in that mission. When it’s a non-gun event, that’s difficult for them to deny, so they go quiet.”<<<Read More>>>


Just Asking

Just Asking – Guest article by James Beers

After reading the article following this one about poor “Isabelle”, “a loner that had been bullied”, it took me several seconds to compose myself. When I had composed myself sufficiently to think clearly once again, several questions came to me and I was at a loss for answers.

Now I know all about Treaties, Reservations and Native American government. I know all about US government preferences and how Native Americans run their own voting Precincts and how they have counted and recounted votes in recent elections from Minnesota to Washington State. I know that all men and women are created equal and that we are all God’s children. So it is in this spirit that I am reminded of Mark Twain’s famous quip, “There’s one way to find out if a man is honest: ask him; if he says yes, you know he’s crooked.” St. Paul newspaper, National Park Service bureaucrats, Minnesota DNR bureaucrats, Defenders of Wildlife, US Fish & Wildlife Service bureaucrats and all you Environmental/Animal Rights activists and your lawyers; “are you honest?”

If some chubby, plaid-clad, middle-aged farmer had killed a wolf where his children played:
If a lady walking her dog had shot a wolf:
If a cattleman had killed a wolf killing his cattle;
If a sheepman killed a wolf killing his sheep:
If a hunter had killed a wolf attacking a moose or an elk:
If a father killed a wolf near his children’s school bus stop:
If a grandma killed a wolf nipping at her as she checked her mailbox:
If a young deer hunter killed a wolf as it approached him:
If all these things and more occurred, would we read about it in these terms?

Would the article begin with a stunning picture of “a gray wolf known as Isabelle takes refuge last year on an icy bluff over Lake Superior to lick her wounds after being attacked by other wolves”?
Would we be treated to a picture of frolicking wolves?
Would the wolf’s death be described as a “fluke thing”?
Would the “howls” (pardon the pun) from wolf-lovers from Minneapolis to San Francisco and UN Headquarters be as non-existent?
Would the “researchers” that “named her Isabelle” be as quiet and understanding about “her” demise?
Would the Native, federal and state law enforcers blithely tell us they “won’t try to identify the shooter”?
Would there to be no future education/assurances that this will not be repeated?
Would the crime be sandwiched between beginning and ending paragraphs of classic “Romance Biology” about “bullied” wolves with lovey-dovey names and how such wolves seize “the rare opportunity to traverse at least 15 miles of ice separating Isle Royale from an area along the U.S.-Canadian border”? (NOTE: This winter you could have convoyed tanks and Caterpillar earth-movers to and from the island.)
Would the crime serve as a platform for the trite and worn-out lie that although wolves have “ helped keep the moose population in check, preventing them from overbrowsing park vegetation” on Isle Royale, wolves and predation have NO EFFECT on disappearing moose and deer on the Minnesota mainland. Period!

Would the “fact” that the highly-romanticized “ice bridge”, that periodically (like Moses at the Red Sea) provides the means for wolves to go back and forth to the Isle Royale paradise, connects Isle Royale to “the Minnesota shoreline on property owned by the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa” where the law “allows people to chase away or kill those (wolves) creating a nuisance” not be closed to all people by any means necessary? Calls for such closures, lawsuits and “howls” from urban Americans and urban Europeans would certainly result for non-Native land so strategically located, so the question must be asked, “Are wolves more important than non-Native Americans and less important than Native Americans?”

Of course we all know that if one of those non-Native perpetrator instances I noted previously happened, all $%#& would break loose. There would be calls for gun control, investigations involving families, property and destruction of one or more citizens. We would be swamped with New Yorkers and Parisians telling us about “apex” predators, “native ecosystems” and rivers no longer meandering (due to all the thick bank vegetation since no herbivores, wild or domestic, are left). The perpetrator would be described as some rural bumpkin that abused animals as a child and who should be locked up to protect society from any further depredations. We would all live in mortal fear until dear Isabelle’s niche in the ecosystem was once again filled. Descriptions of the incident would be used in school classes as an example of why more laws and more government enforcement are necessary.

Instead, it is treated as some historic fairy tale without a scintilla of critical mention of the way the crime is no longer the subject: The perpetrator and the fabricated moral of the story determines how or if it is to be told. Welcome to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, some animals are indeed more equal than others.

If any rural people are reading this, please note “The Grand Portage Band prohibits hunting or trapping wolves on its territory but allows people to chase away or kill those creating a nuisance”.

Is this not what rural Americans (since both the Original Colonies and the Founding of our nation) have found to be how wolves should be administered in rural America -BY COUNTIES – the Local and most responsive level of government (called Subsidiarity) under the protection of responsible State governments? Is this not what Europeans are discovering about expanding wolf populations under EU/UN bureaucrats and less than protective national governments? If what Native Americans can and are doing in-line with their culture and historical interface with the natural environment to “live with” wolves by successfully prohibiting “hunting or trapping wolves” while “allowing people to chase away or kill those creating a nuisance” works and is tolerated; why can’t or shouldn’t Counties follow this example? Since state governments are proven notorious cowards about protecting rural residents from deadly and dangerous wild animals of interest to federal interlopers and far-off urban dandies, forget about state licensing and state revenues – let Counties define “Nuisance” as broadly as they want to loose their residents and their agents with a broad range of “Nuisance Eliminator” devices and means.

Evidently this sort of Native American wolf “management” works for the urban newspapers, state and federal bureaucrats and all their wolf enablers. One might say, what is good for the Native American should be good for the non-Native American. Besides, after years of reading about how Native Americans live and have lived in “harmony” with Nature; I for one can only say we should emulate this ancient and honorable system that probably goes back as far as that other famous bridge, The Land Bridge across the Bering Straits between Asia and North America.

Ancient Egyptians credited Isis with the oversight of order, law and custom. Hellenic people first depicted their God of order, law and custom as Dike, the daughter of Themis. She was the first shown with a sword (for power), a blindfold (for objectivity) and a scale (to measure support and opposition). Romans gave this concern to their Goddess Lustitia or Lady Justice. Lady Justice has since appeared on coins and in front of courts and courthouses from Berlin to Seattle and beyond.

As I close with the question to the newspapers, bureaucrats and enviro-tyrants “are you honest?” allow me to suggest a replacement for Lady Justice on the basis of the wolf travesty you are perpetrating upon rural North America and rural Europe. I suggest a 200lb/kilo drooling baby in a diaper with only a sword (no blindfold and no scales), swinging the sword at anyone who will not feed him. That is how the media and bureaucrats in servitude to eco-tyrants really “weigh their options”.

What do you think? Just asking.

Jim Beers
15 March 2014

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Fascist Feinstein Needs a Gun, Subjects Do Not

Aristides said, “political connections make men bold to do wrong.”


Anti Human HSUS’s Bear Christmas Ornament

The Humane Society of the United States, and all associated human, tradition hating radicals, you would think would find any association with Christmas as being offensive and unacceptable. After all, birds of a feather, flock together.

Such is not the case, as it appears the totalitarian, hypocrites have rolled out a Christmas ornament, probably as a fundraiser, to help pay the costs they will incur by attempting to force their perverted, anti-human way of life onto others, with a referendum to end bear hunting, trapping and hounding in Maine. Definitely sick people.

Their attempt at a “Holiday Ornament” falls flat, in that they decided to place a wreath around a bear’s neck. The wreath is a symbol of CHRISTMAS and not holiday. (In English-speaking countries, wreaths are used typically as household ornaments, mainly as Christmas decorations to celebrate the birth of Christ.)

And what kind of natural resources were used here to manufacture an object that is part of the employment of capitalism, to realize profits to be used against man and those who made it possible for perverts, like anti human freaks, to be able to spread hate and lies and not fear being jailed and prosecuted?

And consider the implications of the pain and suffering these clowns are portraying on a poor animal by glorifying placing a human object around a bear’s neck; a bear with rights. Shame on the hypocritical perverts.

Bear hunters would never consider placing a wreath around any animal’s neck!



From Sandy Hook to Malpractice?

“Doctors use dead children and manipulated research to promote civilian disarmament.”

“As we approach the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, it has become clear that civilian disarmament proponents use 20 dead children to promote their disarmament agenda.”

“But by not fact-checking, media failed to act as a disseminator of truth and government watchdog, instead becoming a promoter of government policy, and socially engineering public opinion to support that policy.”<<<Read More>>>