March 29, 2017

Makes A Lot Of Sense….To Some

Run By Idiots, For Idiots

Paul Ryan’s Bill Includes $1.6 BILLION to Resettle Illegal Aliens Inside the US

*Editor’s Note* – Paul Ryan is doing what the Pope told him to do when he told him to accept the job as Speaker of the House. And yet we still refuse to recognize who’s really in charge. A massive appropriations bill expected to be approved by Congress would provide more than $1.6 billion to […]

Public Schools Face Health Threat from Illegal Aliens

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: Washington, DC – An unabated influx of illegal aliens along the southern border of the United States is causing a health crisis in the border region. Actions by the Obama Administration to disperse illegals across America while providing an incentive for more illegals to come […]

Influx of Illegal Immigrant Children Likely to Strain Public Schools

Washington, DC – Each of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border who remains in this country is legally entitled to a free public education. If President Obama allows large numbers of illegal alien children to remain in the United States, the public schools will have to manage an […]

Obama’s Meager Efforts to Fix Immigration Crisis Criticized by Black Activists

Tiny Deportation Effort Just Doesn’t Cut It “This is What Happens When Commonsense Principles and Practices are Ignored Because of Racial Guilt and Racial Politics” Washington, DC – Helluva job, Mr. President! With the Obama Administration taking a bow for arranging for the deportation of approximately 40 Honduran illegal aliens, members of the Project 21 […]

Two Az Ranchers Invite Pelosi To Visit Ranches and See Real Illegal Immigration

From Fox News: “Two Arizona ranchers want Congress to wake up to the dangers of the growing illegal immigration crisis along the southwest border, and they’re inviting House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to take a tour along the porous border their ranches straddle with Mexico. Ranchers Fred Davis and John Ladd have been outspoken in […]