June 3, 2023

USFWS Red Wolf Corruption or Incompetence?

*Editor’s Note* – I was sent the following email. It is an update to the ongoing farce in North Carolina, disguised as some sort of mongrel dog experiment but labeled a red wolf introduction and management program. The author of the email, Mr. Ferebee, had sent an FOIA to USFWS director Ashe, seeking a map or maps of the current location and tracking information for the government’s radio-collared dogs. The answer came back that no maps exist…and the comedy takes off from there.

For anyone who has experience with FOIA requests, we know them to be a farce. Non thinking people believe that because the governments “created” the Freedom of Information Act, that we, as citizens can obtain information about any subject simply by making a request. Such is not the case. Everyday we observe the Federal Government and or their representatives refusing to give up information, even to the Courts, and we accept that folly. And surely, Americans are blessed with the same corruption at ALL levels of government.

If a government agency does not want you to have information they simply will NOT give it to you. Even if you have millions of dollars to spend, the chances of getting the information you want are extremely low.

What is being displayed in the below email can be only one of two things – or perhaps a combination of them. Either the USFWS, i.e. Director Ashe, is corrupt or incompetent. You decide.

Recently a bioloGEST with the U.S. Forest Service, did a “reply all” to an email that was sent out concerning the recent rash of out-of-control forest fires in the West. The bioloGEST whined that he was a bit tired of people bitching and complaining that the U.S. Government was refusing to make corrections to their poor and unscientific forestry practices.

He received no sympathy from me. I simply told him MacDonald’s was hiring. I doubt that anyone put a gun to this person’s head and forced them to take a government, high-paying no doubt, job as a bioloGEST.

The point being, without the efforts of people like Mr. Ferebee, who works tirelessly to expose the incompetence and corruption of Government, where, exactly, would we really be?

From an email sent by Ferebee:

Dear Director Ashe,

With the USFWS mandated by Federal law to collar, track and monitor all “Red Wolves” in the State of North Carolina and an annual budget of over $1,200,000 to do so; I was shocked to receive your below response to my request for recent Red Wolf location maps.


Well Director Ashe, guess what I found about the time Hillary’s private email server surfaced.  Yep, that’s right, your USFWS Red Wolf maps that don’t exist…  This reminds me of the 10 USFWS wolves I trapped on my farm that USFWS assured me “had NO wolves”.

The thing I like most about the below USFWS Red Wolf maps, is that your biologists not only tracked and mapped your wolves on my land, but they also spelled my name correctly.

My Bee Tree farm boundary lines are correct, but the exact acreage is off slightly. 
I find the big hand written X on my farm in the first picture somewhat problematic.

I believe our NC Wildlife Resources Commission has asked for years for such maps from your Red Wolf program, with no success.

These are just a few of the USFWS Red Wolf maps in my possession. 










Director Ashe, I am glad I was able to locate some of your Red Wolf maps for you, sort of like I located your USFWS Red Wolf Coordinator for you when he up and moved to Charlotte, and also sort of like I located the Red Wolf Coalition Director behind a desk in your USFWS offices as she sued our NC Wildlife Resources Commissioners.

Now, if I can just locate those 40 expensive GPS satellite collars that the tax payers of North Carolina paid for and gave USFWS to track your man made, non native invasive coywolves.  More on this duping of the NC Department of Transportation to come…

Tracking and mapping whose land your wolves are actually inhabiting is obviously no problem for USFWS.

Exhibiting the folly of your USFWS Red Wolf program is obviously no problem for me and I will continue.

Who exactly in your organization is trying so desperately to not release the wolf location information to the citizens of North Carolina?  After all, the private landowners are just trying to help you maintain your so called “wolves” on your Federal land as mandated by Federal law.

Director Ashe, I kindly ask that you please look in your files one more time and see if you can’t possibly find the location maps of your wolves (all 50 of them) from this past July.  Look for the pretty red, yellow and green maps with the wolf ID number, sex, core range, total range and landowner names with property lines.  They should be easy to spot.

I do not want to think that I was intentionally lied to by USFWS regarding these location maps, when you just had that big news release about USFWS wanting to regain the trust of the private landowners in eastern North Carolina.

I thank you for your time and I would still like to meet with you.

Jett Ferebee