March 25, 2017

Perhaps Not Such a Random Thought and Comment

I have, for the most part, stopped watching television news. Need I explain why? However, I think it was yesterday, as I was sitting at my computer writing, I could hear on the television in the next room a news story of how one Middle School, somewhere in America, was celebrating “culture day,” whatever that […]

Risky Business…or You’ve Proven My Point

*Editor’s Note* – Below is an article written by James Beers in which he expresses his point quite well. Those with understanding will agree, the rest don’t want to and thus, to them, he is wrong. I would, however, like to take a moment to further comment on, not what Beers wrote, but what I […]

The State ruins everything it touches

What I Can’t See and Why I Can’t See It

Everyday my email inbox gets blasted with countless emails, most of which are simply forwarded emails that originated from who knows where. But there’s generally some kind of question or comment that accompanies many of those emails asking or stating that “this could happen here in the U.S. if we don’t do something about it.” […]

Schools now tasked with creating ‘green’ citizens

Common Core is not a benign set of federals standards meant to make your children smarter, warns an educator who says it looks more like an indoctrination program to push students toward “green” jobs for a “green economy.” Source: Schools now tasked with creating ‘green’ citizens

Phantasms of Freedom or Freedom?

Phantasms of Freedom Phantasm: A product of fantasy: as a : delusive appearance : illusion b : ghost, specter c : a figment of the imagination A figment of the imagination or disordered mind. Q: Are you delusional? Freedom: 1) Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. 2) The state of not being […]

The Destruction of Gender Identity

The continuing “education” program, part of the destruction of the man that my real God created, leaves some of us with a gnawing ache in the pits of our stomachs. If not for you, I do feel badly. We have watched as girls want to look and act like boys and boys want to be […]

Are Wolves Here to Stay or Should They All Go?

We are all pretty much aware of the old adage that history repeats itself, but what most don’t bother to think about is why that is so, if it is actually factual. The frontrunner in answering that question is that we repeat history, at least in bad ways(by somebody’s standards), because we fail to learn […]

How To Testify Against Wolf Delisting – For Kids

Video: It is important to note the indoctrination and propagandizing of children at very early ages. Also note that nothing in this propaganda piece is science-based – only playing on the emotions of other children and adults. I doubt this video was created to instruct a child on how to be a witness at a […]

U.S. Government’s Brainwashing of Students on Climate Change

What utter nonsense and I’m pissed that some of my tax dollars are being spent to spread propaganda used to brainwash students about the fabricated lies of man-caused climate change. At a time when all indications disprove the lies about man-caused climate change, when scientists are now saying we are entering a phase of at […]