March 23, 2017

Like George Washington, Barack Cannot Tell a Lie

ISIL Khorasan Declared Foreign Terrorist Organization

DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice: 9406] In the Matter of the Designation of ISIL Khorasan also known as Islamic State’s Khorasan Province also known as ISIS Wilayat Khorasan also known as ISIL’s South Asia Branch also known as South Asian Chapter of ISIL as a Foreign Terrorist Organization Pursuant to Section 219 of the Immigration […]

ISIL activity drives up Pentagon threat level

The Pentagon has raised its protection levels a notch on Friday in response to threats from ISIL, according to a Defense department official. Source: ISIL activity drives up Pentagon threat level

New Venice Empire Behind ISIS? CIA and Mossad?

When Wesley speaks about friends and allies he’s talking about Saudi Arabia and Britain but he does not have the balls to mention the New Venice Empire power. Where in the hell is the 28 pages of documented information by the 9/11 Commission showing Saudi funding of 9/11 events? General Wesley Clark: “ISIS Got Started […]

ISIS: We’re Watching You Pope People

Italians woke up on Monday to the worrying reality of a threat from Islamic State “signed with blood against the nation of the cross”. Against the background of a video showing the apparent mass execution of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach, ISIS warned Italians: “You have seen us in Syria, now we’re […]

Orgasmic Insanity of Satanic Power Worship

Threats Against Pope’s Life: It’s All Entertainment

It’s all entertainment![Threats against Pope’s life] This is all laughable comedy as the largest, most powerful terrorist group on earth is lead by this DAGON CEASAR, counterfeit, Biblical teacher and false Messiah Prophet. His Al-Qaeda was created by the family of Carl M. Marcy using the Senior Executive Service and all through the U.S Small […]

How Do You Like Being Plundered U.S. Citizen Serfs?

The plan unfolds. These cretins always tell you what they’re planning to do. The War mongering money grubbers are loving this. Problem ISIL/ISIS/IS horrifying beheadings/genocides/crucifixions; Reaction SAVE US SAVE US FROM ISIS!!!! Solution endless war and everyone gets plundered.. How do you like being plundered U.S. citizen serfs?? All fake.. “US Secretary of State John […]

“We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet”

This article first appeared in The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal online: President Obama admitted at the White House on Thursday, “We don’t have a strategy yet”! Obama was referring to his absence of plans for neutralizing ISIL in Syria. Last Thursday 21 August Obama’s Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General […]